Motivation is the Key to Having a Successful Home Business

It is easy to stay motivated when things are going well, but how do you keep motivated when the home business you had such high hopes for just isn't making the money you thought you would. Motivation is the key to having a successful home business because it will be the one thing that keeps you going when the chips are down.

One of the most important attributes a person who wants to become an entrepreneur must have is self-motivation. Everyone wishes they were self-motivated, but the truth is, not everyone is. It is not some terrible personality flaw if you are not, but don't fool yourself into thinking you can operate a home business if you don't have this vital character trait.

Keeping motivated can be difficult and lack of motivation is one of the main reasons so many people start a business, but quit after just a short time. Network marketing and affiliate marketing online businesses, in particular, have extremely high attrition rates because people get easily discourage when they don't immediately see success.

Here are some strategies to keep yourself motivated when you're feeling discouraged.

•Read about others who are successful. Nothing is more motivating than reading about or hearing about someone who has taken a business like yours and found success. Such stories can breathe new life into a business that you're about to give up on.

•Set realistic goals. If you are just starting out, don't set your sales goals so high that they can never be reached. Talk to someone who has been there and get some realistic ideas of how much money you should expect, then cut it in half. It's much easier to feel motivated when you reach a goal than if you fail week after week because you expect too much.

•Give yourself a reward. If you make a sale, buy a little something for yourself (nothing too big, you don't want to dip into your profits). Even if it's just a cold beer or a nice bubble bath, if you deserve a pat on the back, by all means, give yourself one.

•Learn something new about your business. Keeping up to date on the latest industry news can be another way to keep motivated because you never know what you'll learn and how you can apply it to your business. Having an online business is not a stagnant thing and you should always be striving to learn more.

•Try something new. If you hear about a new way to market your business, or a new sales pitch, try it out. The worst that can happen is nothing—and the best is that you'll increase your business. This will help to keep things fresh and fun.

Keeping motivated may not always be easy. But it's a must if you want to be in your business for the long haul.

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