Online Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses: Part 2 How To

Get back out your pen and paper you used to take notes from Part 1 of online marketing strategies for small businesses. Today we’re going to cover the same Basics of Getting Clear, Inform & Educate and Follow up. Today, however, we’re going to jump into the How-To of each of these topics and how it relates to your business. So shut the door, turn the TV off and let’s get started…online marketing strategies for small businesses that you can begin to use TODAY Getting Clear: You now understand that not everyone with a pulse is your target market. To make it even clearer, I’m going to help you determine who your market is and how to effectively reach them. Let’s use Dentistry as an example. And even more specific, let’s use implant dentistry. While we’re at it, let’s use implant dentistry in Boise, ID. The first thing you’re going to want to do is Keyword Research. Keywords are the words or phrases your potential customer is going to type into the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). You’re going to use Google’s free keyword tool to determine what gets searched and where you need to spend your marketing time. After some basic research, we find that the term “implant dentistry Boise, ID” is WIDE open. There is virtually NO competition for that specific Keyword Phrase. Not only did we learn that there is no competition, but Google has given an additional 199 relevant keywords. This means, according to Google, there are an additional 199 keywords that are relevant to “implant dentistry Boise, ID” Looks like you would have PLENTY of material for your marketing efforts. Inform & Educate: Now remember from Part 1, we’re not trying to sell your prospects yet. We just want to make sure your prospect is informed. So, how are you supposed to inform your prospect? That’s the easy part. You’ve already found 200 relevant keywords to talk about. Let’s choose one and go with it…“Dental Implants vs Bridges” After your research you have found that “Dental Implants vs Bridges” is searched almost 2,000 times every month. And, of the nearly 600,000 search results, there are less than 5,000 of those search results that are optimized for this keyword. All of that equals AWESOME. So where to from here? Write an article that is specifically about “Dental Implants vs Bridges” Considering if you are a dentist, you should have a GREAT understanding of this topic. Remember, this is an informative article. And, it’s best to keep your article to around 500 words. Make sure you use your keyword 3-5 times throughout your article. Insert a link into your article that takes your prospect DIRECTLY to a page of your website that talks about “Dental Implants & Bridges” You are going to take that article and distribute it to multiple different Article Directories such as and To further saturate that particular keyword, you can also do a video with the exact same content from your article. You can also turn the content into a blog post. Once your prospect is on your website, you will offer them more detailed information about what they are looking for. This is done by them “opting in” to receive more information. As soon as your prospect has opted in, Congratulations, you just generated your own lead! But wait a second, we don’t stop there…. Follow Up: Face it; more than 90% of your business is going to be done through follow up. It’s a good thing for you that you have your prospects name, email address and possibly a phone number. With services like Aweber and Constant Contact, you can always be in touch with your list of prospects. In fact, you can have your follow up messages set up to go out on specific dates and times that say your specific message. So, everyone who is on your prospects list will receive the right MESSAGE at the right TIME. It’s like you being able to do multiple consultations all at once. This, my friend, is true leverage! I’m sure your beginning to see the power available to you. This is just a quick taste of some basic online marketing strategies for small businesses. Make it a point for you to develop and distribute 2-3 new pieces of content each week. After you’ve done this for 60 days, you will dramatically increase the amount of views your business gets. Oh, I almost forgot to mention something…THIS IS ALL FREE!! Sure, you may have spent some time to create the content. And heck, you could even have an assistant produce the content. But other than that, articles, videos, blogs and such cost NO money. So get out there you small business owner. Today is the day and NOW is the time. Don’t bunker down and do nothing, stand up and be heard.

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