Theme and Creativity on Blogs

Blog Themes – How to Add Creativity to Your Blog Themes are a sort of subliminal background to a blog. They provide a reading environment, and sometimes interesting, or not so interesting, features. The trouble with themes is choosing something which is right for your blog and provides a good platform for your SEO, article range and includes operational functions. Whether your blog is about car insurance or goldfish, the motto here is to stick to the game plan, and integrate the theme with the whole blog efficiently. Simpler, home made content, or what, for your blog? Templates have exactly one thing going for them- They’re functional. They provide a consistent background and built in features. Fine, but in terms of market image, many templates leave a lot to be desired. If you’ve seen some of the themes used by graphic artists, you’ll know what’s possible. Even basic web pages can have quite incredible backgrounds. These backgrounds are simply slotted on as images and overwritten. They’re interesting, effective, and can also help in terms of the color scheme. Some color schemes are a bit too “corporate”. Others can best be described as staggeringly unambitious, very ho-hum non-efforts. To give some idea of the issues, a basic scan of a good image, as a text background, can blow any monotone mess out of the water. Many themes include paper, solid color, wood grain and other features which look nice enough at first but become repetitive, un-variegated, and let’s face it, dull. The business theme is fine for business. It says “We’re here to sell.” It has no particular claims to artistic or any other sort of merit, and is simply functional. For blogs, however, that’s often well short of what’s needed, particularly in very articulate blogs. Blogs are individualized by nature, and a “Me too” theme like a business theme can be exactly what people need to see to go straight back to their search and keep looking. Theme madness? Themes can be overstated, oversold and overcrowded with content. They can also be underdone to the point at which the reader decides the blog is uninteresting or that the blogger’s not trying too hard. (The difference between minimalism and bone lazy is also debatable, but if you’ve seen one of those “wastelands with text” you’d probably agree that visually those themes aren’t too encouraging.) The trouble with conventional wisdom about themes is that everything is supposed to be solved with a theme. Not likely. Themes used properly are an asset, but as a sort of cure-all for blog content issues and antiquated features, they leave a lot to be desired. The problem is that themes, when standardized, tend to become one of the crowd. That’s lousy marketing, and having a few mindless graphic patterns swirling around doesn’t help a lot, either. Getting out of the theme dilemma There’s another person affected by themes- You, the blogger. “Great, terrific, exciting, whatever”, you have to look at these things. The line of least resistance, for once, is the line of greatest reward. Find something which really appeals to you strongly. Something you can look at forever. It can be a picture of your favorite film star, a series of cultural icons, just make sure you can look at it and love it.

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  • Kris Mehrtens says:

    I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was curious what all is required to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% certain. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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