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Did you know that ice cream carts passing around your house before you see the cart or the retailer. Then, you are also interested to buy it? This illustrates that music can be an element for communicating a brand in consumers' minds. Music is an audible then we know as branding.

Over time, the use of music as a means of branding has evolved into an effective strategy. Now, the use of music was not what it used to be that music is solely used as an advertising jingle or just to raise awareness of a particular brand. Therefore, its use is now more varied and integrated branding strategy.

Music in branding has now developed into one powerful asset for communicating a brand without having to look at the brand visually. This happens when a lot of famous brand that began to associate their brand with the music world as an effective branding strategy as well as differentiation of a brand with other brands.

Some concrete examples are one of the McDonald's campaign in the United States that launched the "Big Mac Meal Tracks". This campaign means a service that allows customers to redeem the access code printed on the packaging sandwich McDonald's for a song of their choice at Sony's online music store. The success of a communication strategy certainly did not escape from several aspects:

1. Positioning A brand must put himself exactly in the market who want to reach. Proper positioning will make it easier for a brand to reach consumers. For example, cigarette True to its advertising which is squarely targeting the lower middle class consumers.

2. Branding Concepts Communication strategies that really work requires a strong branding concept. Strong branding concept will be more severe impact in the eyes of consumers. That by itself would lead to differentiation that makes the brand stand out more.

For example, Apple is utilizing the popularity of its iPod products into a modern lifestyle with its service iTunes store that is integrated across all Apple products. In addition, Apple also embraces musicians like U2 as brand ambassadors.

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