Greece Approved The Simplification of Its Budget

Greek Parliament approved the simplification of its budget. This is a step to be taken in order to repair the country's economy because the economy crashing before. Approximately 3000 members of trade unions and communists held a separate demonstration to reject actions that loan rejection of more than 14 billion euros for next year. it was done to restore financial equilibrium Greece. 2011 Budget finally trimmed. Some of the sectors affected by pruning, among others, is bad health sector mismanagement Greece and budget for SOEs.

"I am determined to make all the changes needed in the exciting state of crisis, although it's hard, I'm sure Greece will not be bankrupt. In addition, without assistance from Europe, this country will collapse," said Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou was quoted as saying by AFP, Thursday (12/23/2010). In addition, Papandreou appealed to all parties to take responsibility for their own and contribute to efforts to save the economy.

Some demonstrators marched on Wednesday local time and filled the streets in the capital city, causing traffic to be solid. This is done to fight wage cuts. In addition, the mandate of the European Union that Greece continued to receive increased loans from Greece increased from 110 billion euros to 145 billion euros. And Greece agreed that the public deficit will be reduced to 7.6 percent of gross product in 2011.

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