Kinds of Gold That You Can Invest

If you want to invest something for your future, you can consider gold. And there are so many kinds of gold that you can invest. Here are the kinds:

1. Gold bullion Investors who invest in gold would choose gold bullion. Gold bullion is considered valid if its purity reached 22-24 carats. You can transact online through or contact phone number 021-299 80 900.

2. Gold deposits You may not want to store the physical gold in the house because of the risk of theft. For this reason, gold can be stored in safety box at a bank or another. Or if you see, this company provides gold transactions at once to save it.

3. Mutual fund gold Gold mutual funds are another way to invest in this precious metal. You need not actually holding physical gold, but you can take the benefits.

4. Shares of gold mining Investors who want to invest in gold without having the physical metals can also choose this type. You can buy shares in gold mining companies. Investors expect stock prices rise because of gold mining companies gold prices rose. However, these two events are not always congruent.

5. Gold ETF Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) are mutual funds traded on stock exchanges. You can do this transaction with gold-based mutual funds.

6. Gold futures Gold futures is another way of investing in gold without having physical gold. Buying and selling gold-term contract with a specific need. The price is also stated in the contract. If the gold price on the date the contract is higher than the gold price when the contract is made, then the investor will make a profit. However, if the price is lower, the investor will lose money.

7. Jewelry and gold coins Gold coins, especially the rare, highly valued in the investment. It's not just because the value of gold but also because of the scarcity value.

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