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Social networking has become part of everyday life most of World's population. Site Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and the others are already so familiar in the ears of active Internet. Social networking was not only a means of socializing in virtual but extended to other aspects, such as business, society, environment and so forth. The focus of each social networking service providers also varies. Among the wilderness of the social networking site, comes Planely. This site is based in Denmark. What is different from Planely when compared with sites of other social networking? Planely give air travelers who use the path an alternative way to travel.

Planely service users will be offered in order to become acquainted with each other during the trip, especially with visitors who have traveled the exact same route. Users only have to enter for free, or simply by connecting the site with the account up it has.

To use this free service, users must enter details of flight schedule. Planely will then process the data and provide information about anyone other Planely users who boarded the same flight with your airline, or other Planely users who come or go in the same time at the airport the same (although different plane). From there, users can choose someone they find attractive to be a friend during the trip. After that, they can contact each other to meet and get acquainted. Planely are developing a new feature that allows users to find out whether they will travel together with people who know or not that user.

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