Successful Promotion over Social Networks

The rise of social networking sites and blogs, an Indonesian Business woman utilized properly. Together with her husband, the woman continues to update the image was displayed on blogs and social networks so that visitors can see their latest products. Unexpectedly, even the presence of social networking websites and thus provided a golden opportunity to open a network abroad. Until now many countries which have ordered prayer mat. There are from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States and even Qatar. All thanks to the website. No half-hearted, reservations can reach tens of prayer rug. Booking area is also a lot to arrive. There are booking through the internet, but there is also a prayer mat by telephone because he wrote a phone number.

Initially, she does not want to open a website because he felt his business was new and undeveloped. In addition, he has not realized how important the presence of websites and social networking sites. However, again suggesting a good friend and a little forced she to create social networks and websites. "Apparently, my suggestion is true. I try and start a lot of orders coming including those from abroad," said her.

She felt shocked of course when there is an order from the outside, but after making sure that the correct order from overseas, eventually becoming spirit. In fact, exclusively for subscribers from outside, she choose more selective because people are very stressed out with high quality goods. She did not want to be perceived as an Indonesian who do not want to pay attention to product quality.

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