The Young Rich Business Man Listed on Forbes

Forbes indeed always makes a list of rich people all over the world, including China. The richest one from China is Qinghiu Zong, Wahaha Group, a food entrepreneur. The total wealth of 65-year-old businessman was U.S. $ 8 billion. Do you know that the richest man number two is charted by a young man called Robin Li. He is an entrepreneur whose name rised up in the information technology industry. Robin Li is the founder of search engine Baidu Inc., The challenger giant Google.

Understandably, other than the youngest age that is 42 years, Robin is also considered to benefit from search engine giant Google's departure from China. This condition is positive for earnings Baidu bear fruit so it is not surprising that personal wealth Robin was doubled from a year earlier. Baidu is expected to continue growing even after their plan to take over the online shopping site Taobao. As in previous years, Hurun Rich List which conducted the survey since 1993 include the richest people in China from the age of 34 years. This figure is 15 years younger than the age of the richest men surveyed in Europe and the United States.

Robin Li's wealth is around U.S. $ 4 billion a year to $ 7.2 billion. This 42-year old man is a breaktrough entrepreneur with wealth driven by the rapid growth of Internet users in China. It is not the first time for Robin Li to be listed on Forbes . In fact, last year he entered the world's richest people list at number 258.

Wealth Ma Li and his wife Melissa, doubled in a year. This is a very amusing fact about business world.

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