Making Plans for Customers

Plan for customer service or customer service plan prepared by the company in order to evaluate the capability. The plan is used to identify strengths and weaknesses. In addition, it combines the demand and customer complaints to improve services and enhance the customer experience in the future. By collecting such information, the company learn about what aspects are its advantages and other aspects are still a weakness. Here are the tips:

* Selecting a customer service representative

Assign an employee to serve customers for customer satisfaction awake. Use a database or a proprietary program to record requests and customer complaints. Convey the problem clearly when entering your information and explain how the problem has been solved. As soon as possible reply to a letter of complaint and customer demand. Cooperation and efficiency to solve the problem can save money in the long term. Follow-up existing cases and monitor for the managers involved to avoid a more complicated problem occurs.

* Viewing from the perspective of employees

Conduct a survey to test yourself. Create a survey to get feedback from employees. This will not give a balanced opinion and give views on certain aspects of what consumers who need more intensive services. Ask questions about how to maintain customer satisfaction, provide examples of customer complaints, financial disputes or difficult buyers. Employees should pay attention to aspects of the weaknesses and strengths in customer service.

* Provide a survey on customers

Talk with customers. Use surveys to gather information from customers about all their experiences in the shop at your business. Ask questions about staff, products and convenience in shopping. Make the survey easy to answer and avoid repetition. Arrange in a ranking system in such a way and offer a survey in Indonesian and English, especially if there are some customers whose native language is not Indonesian.

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