Reasons Why Contractors Should Register with Trade Monitoring Agencies

If you are a contractor trying to build your business, there is a lot to know. If you are a part of a trade monitoring, contract management or contractor management agency, you can look forward to being guided through the process of being up to date with current laws and licensing for your business. Here is a look at the advantages of getting registered. Many trades contractors shy away from contractor management agencies because they feel their business is being put under scrutiny by a third party without any real benefit. This is certainly not the case. Being involved with a good agency may mean you actually end up doing a better job. Let’s look at the case of a subcontractor or contractor, and the advantages of being involved with a trade compliance agency.
  • Getting Accredited. To become an accredited supplier in a trade compliance agency will mean you will need all the required licensing and insurance. If you were just getting started as an electrician, for example, there are many different licenses and insurances you will need depending on the location of your job. You will also have a range of occupational health and safety issues for yourself, and those who you contract. A good agency will check your current situation, and give you a report on what you need to do to be fully compliant. In effect, they will be helping you to become compliant. This will mean you are more confident that you are making the right moves, and you know exactly what type of work you can handle. It only makes sense for the agency to help you become an asset for their system.
  • More Work.Not only will you be an available contractor in the system for the agency’s clients, you can also confidently tackle other projects because you know where you stand. You will have more confidence in your own knowledge and legal standing, which will lead to more work. Being a part of an accredited system is also a marketing point for your business outside of the agency. Being a part of the agency means your business will be shown to real clients looking for real contractors. This could result in long-term contracts and a substantial increase in business.
  • Industry Involvement.Compliance agencies do a lot more than just make sure you are up to speed, being a part of this type of system will mean you have access to a larger range of industry related information. This could be as simple as social groups, through to updated information on new laws and requirements. You don’t have to limit yourself to one compliance agency, and they will all be a regular and current source of important information. Essentially, you know you are plugging yourself into clients, their needs, and an industry related network.
Being a part of a compliance and trade monitoring agency will only increase your business quality and your potential revenue streams. You will be aware of industry changes that affect your business, and you will be able to respond to them swiftly. In essence, you are being consulted by a company that will also supply you with clients. When laws, requirements and OHS regulations for electricians, builders, and all other trades contractors change, you will be informed.

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One Response to “Reasons Why Contractors Should Register with Trade Monitoring Agencies”

  • electrician says:

    I think everyone must register with their trade monitoring agency because it proves that your company provides quality service. It also increases your revenue.


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