3 Sure signs you’ve got the wrong business software

Most businesspeople know that business software can be a handicap, as well as a benefit. What they usually don’t know is that their old, clunky software is well and truly out of date, and can be replaced by far more efficient, much more flexible platforms. Wrong business software- Profiles There are several classic profiles for businesses using the wrong software: 1. Ad hoc business software- This is a menagerie of different types of software which can cause serious waste, as well as being staggeringly inefficient. Typical characteristics include:
  • Multiple forms of software collecting data which then has to be passed on to another system for reporting.
  • Need to manually transfer data from one system to another.
  • Various vintages of different software types, all with their own issues.
These antiquated horrors cost money in processing time alone, and they also become problems if you upgrade other parts of your system. 2. Database systems attached to administration- Databases are heavy duty software, but they’re also often very difficult things to manage. System operation in combination with other administrative systems can be quite a problem, particularly if you also have an ad hoc system. Problems include:
  • Extrapolating data
  • Getting the right report systems for the database to function with the admin reporting systems
  • Physically managing statistics, account reports, and related information which overlaps between databases and admin systems
Again, this is a cost-creating process. Simple reports become epics of administrative work. The extremely unfunny part of this exercise is that specific data may have to be manually retrieved adding further steps to what are really very basic administrative processes. 3. Operations software- There are still some truly pathetic types of “business software” on the market for things like stock management, warehousing, sales and other essential business functions which would barely qualify as halfway decent apps on a mobile phone. They also usually run on different software to any other type of business software. They contribute a lot to the other bad business software profiles, creating extra steps in data management throughout the entire business. So what do you do, if you’ve got lousy business software? The short answer to this question is you upgrade, ASAP, before it costs you any more money or hair off your head. The best approach to business software is now “integrated business management software”, also known as Enterprise Resource Planning software, and generically called enterprise software. Enterprise software is based on a single stream, automated approach to business operations. This is literally a “same page” for your administration functions, and it saves money from day one, as well as creating a good structured system. The new enterprise software is also customizable, and extremely flexible, suitable for any business environment. To give an example:
  • All your reporting can be tailored.
  • Data extraction is drastically simplified.
  • Administration efficiency is infinitely better than the ad hoc or other systems will ever be.
  • The enterprise software also includes planning functions, suitable for all stages of planning from setup to implementation and development.
Those are just the basics of enterprise software systems. If you’ve got the wrong business software, this is the solution. Check it out, test drive it, and you’ll see the improvements instantly.

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