Are You Ready to Become a Bussinesman?

Many job seekers can not meet the qualifications required by the company because of the lack of provision of skills possessed. The impact of the crisis that happened ten years ago is still deeply felt compounded by additional crisis triggered by financial crises that hit the country "Uncle Sam" due to improper management of that housing loan.

As for those who work too much stagnated for various reasons. Today many of the workers or employees who work as long as acceptable working and willing to accept a relatively small fee that is not comparable with the more precisely the needs of the growing day.

Business sectors that will determine your field, of course you have to consider the business to suit your ability and personal desire. Indeed, many people fantasize about becoming a successful entrepreneur. Actually, the capital to become an entrepreneur not only relies on funding factors but also on the various skills required in accordance with the selected types of businesses, plus the luck factor that only a fraction of a percent. Self-control and adjust the picture of the ideal business like what you want your field!

Many people who procrastinate do business because the business idea can not be realized, a variety of reasons such as insufficient capital, not in accordance with areas of expertise or ashamed because of business opportunities that exist now merely a mock business, not cool, and so forth. They were waiting for the miracle that did not come so they chose to ignore the business opportunities that already exist in which according to them the benefits of small and uninteresting, they fantasize to develop a large business or acquire a large project without the support assets and facilities required.

We recommend you start with the things that you can afford to do it right now, even if you feel that there are business opportunities currently less attractive, but be patient, maybe one day you will discover new business opportunities better business means that you have initiated the first . It may be that you will find great business partners or investors who are sympathetic to you because of the honesty and quality of your work now. You will never know if you never try. Swa means self and Sta means standing. Entrepreneurship is an integrated unity of the spirit, values ​​and the principles and attitudes, strong, art, and real action that is necessary, right and superior in handling and developing a company or other activities that lead to the best service to customers and other parties stakeholders including community, state and nation. Profession as an entrepreneur is also an act that could help the country if the business is conducted fair, meeting procedures, provide foreign exchange for the state of tax revenue sector, and also can provide many job opportunities for many.

Furthermore, an agreed definition of entrepreneurship will be more obvious if equipped with qualified entrepreneurs themselves. By knowing the picture of a successful entrepreneur, you can find out about the personality you have, whether your potential to become an entrepreneur or you have a lot to learn to change and improve your personality. Before choosing the right plan for your business, you should try to do an assessment of yourself honestly first covering;

1. Ability and experience of actual 2. Time and opportunities available 3. Evaluation of management capabilities 4. Finding suitable business partners 5. Whether or not to form a business entity 6. How to find sources of funding

What should be done before starting a business? If you already have a business choice, do not jump just like that you are fully invested. So if it really happened then you still have a "coating" to continue your efforts it. So before you start a business must first be carefully do the following things:

• Creating a Business Plan • Ask an expert about your business that will do, frequently to dig info-info as much as possible from the forums such as those found on the internet and so on • Perform a survey of similar businesses, • Contact the Bank, whether a similar business is still getting bank support, • Explore on the existing local customers, • Who-who are competitors you will face, • Survey whether a similar business already saturated or promising, • Survey of raw material you need, survey the location of the business. • Sharpen intuition flair • Prayer

Once your business is up and you are ready with the product or service for sale. If you already have a business that does not mean you are immediately accosted by the customer. For that reason, the things you need to do now is to inform the khlayak about business and business presence that you do through word of mouth, advertising in various media (of course by looking at the type and size of the business that you run). If you have been able to attract customers, we then try to increase your service to your customers because they can you make as a means of promotion because when the relevant impressed with your services then it will automatically inform the colleagues. One point that free promotion is not it? So are you prepared to go into the field of entrepreneurship?

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