Business Meeting Checklist

Creating a checklist is a great way to ensure your meeting is a success. Check out our ultimate business meeting checklist right here. Creating a checklist before a meeting is a great way to ensure that you achieve the required outcomes. Here, weʼve created the ultimate meeting checklist. From setting up a suitable time to making sure your business card printing needs are met well in advance, weʼve got the tips to help your business meeting achieve your desired result: 1. Set a date and time: Check everyoneʼs availability well in advance. Everyone has busy schedules so the earlier you can book the meeting in the better. 2. Determine you budget for the meeting: You donʼt want to go overboard with the spending if you are on a strict budget. Work out how you can make the meeting happen with the amount you have allocated to you. 3. Meeting location: There is no point in checking to see if everyone is free next Friday for the meeting if the location you want to host the meeting is booked that day. Enquire in advance about the availability of the boardroom or function space at the venue of your choosing. 4. Create an agenda: Once you have a set meeting time and location and know of everyone’s attendance, creating an agenda is really the next step. You may create this agenda as a simple guide to how the meeting/day will run and show available times where attendees are able to present if that is something you want to happen. 5. Make sure everyone is on the same page: The agenda should be clear and concise so that there is no confusion about the way that the meeting is going to run. 6. Arrive early to the meeting room: By arriving early you can set up the room and make sure that all technology that will be required during the meeting is up and running when the meeting begins. 7. Make sure you start the meeting on time: If your agenda is tight, this is even more important. You don’t want to run over time so sticking to the time frames allocated is essential. This is why you also may want to consider having a time keeper to make sure that everyone sticks to their allocated time slots. 8. Have all collateral ready well in advance: If you have some booklet printing or business card printing to do, make sure itʼs done well in advance. Allow for human error so that if something doesnʼt look right with what you had printed you have time to rectify it. 9. Allow time at the end for discussion: You should always make sure that if members of the meeting want to discuss something at the end of the meeting they are able to. 10. At the end of the meeting: Thank everyone for attending.   11. Send everyone a follow up email with all of the notes and outcomes from the meeting. 12. Ask for feedback on the outcomes of the meeting and if necessary arrange for a follow up discussion. As long as you stick to something similar to the checklist above, youʼll be ensuring that your colleagues will be impressed and all of the outcomes required of the meeting will be met.

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