Customer Relations Management Systems- Creating the perfect integrated CRM system for your business

Customer Relations Management has recently been quite rightly getting a lot of attention from business experts around the world. The CRM issue is a very hot topic, and as a result CRM systems have been pushed into overdrive to deal with a range of issues which are often very high impact for businesses at the coalface. CRM systems are critical parts of enterprise content management systems, (ECMS) to the extent that they come under the “don’t leave home without it” level of importance. Customer relations can be a particularly tangled length of string, often with a multiple range of issues. Fast turnaround of issues is the name of the game, and it pays for itself, eliminating the waste of resources on situations which, let’s face it, should be easily manageable. The early CRM systems came under a lot of criticism for that reason. They were perceived as inflexible, unhelpful, and in some cases almost inoperable, creating a bureaucratic process in an environment where the real need was for real time information. They were really little more than “organizers” in database form, and their functional value to staff dealing with customers was pretty low. They were cost-creators, not fixers. Modern customer service requires fast, constructive responses. A bit of data from months ago doesn’t go down terribly well with annoyed clients. The new generation of CRM systems are designed specifically to avoid situations like that. The new CRM systems are integrated with the broader business systems. These CRM systems are able to find information and work with it. This new generation of CRM is a communications system, not just a database. The new CRM systems are plugged in to an intranet community, making them capable of useful interactions and physically getting in to a system and achieving results. CRM systems in operation Anyone with any real experience in customer relations will agree that the ability to actually solve problems for customers is the core issue. The secondary issue is ensuring that things are done properly and that there are no loose ends or dead ends in managing customer situations. The community net plug-in is the key to the effectiveness of the new CRM systems. This allows customer service staff to access facts and deal with issues in real time, not “we’ll be able to tell you next week”, that helpful way of creating lawsuits and consumer claims in a single sentence. The beauty of the new systems is that they’re able to work with the integrated ECMS systems seamlessly. If you’ve seen the tracking systems for consumers on the online business sites, that’s a simple example of how these systems work. The intranet version of the CRM systems is even more efficient, able to find all relevant data and provide customer service staff with information from the intranet and locate and fix issues. This makes a single phone call more productive for the customer, and a lot more cost- efficient for the business. If you want a truly effective, cost saving CRM system, check out the new CRM systems and their related ECMS systems. It will be worth it.

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