Get a better deal- Business site hosting and server management from one supplier

Business sites can be complex things. They may have to operate a range of databases, transactions, email and enterprise projects as well. This can be an administrative issue, and a big one, unless it’s well organized right from the start. The best practice solution is business web hosting with additional services like server management, to keep everything (and everyone) on the same page. If you’re setting up a new site, a combination hosting/server management option will do the job for you. This is also an opportunity to create a site management system which will be a more efficient business arrangement. It may well also be a much cheaper, cost-efficient arrangement. Business site operational setup If your business site is going to need multiple servers and will be running continuously, you will need a combination hosting/server administrative setup. The fact is that business sites can’t run efficiently or securely on an ad hoc system of servers for any length of time. You will require:
  • Dedicated servers for administration of specific business roles- This is best practice admin, using a series of servers to deal with data loads.
  • Server management, security and backup systems- Essential services, and if the server crashes, you will need restoration work done, ASAP.
  • A single-stream site management system- Site management needs to be seamless, keeping your site up to date and editing as required. It’s easier and much cheaper to link the server management to the site management to ensure that the site runs smoothly.
  • Secure servers for business transactions- This is compulsory, not optional; financial institutions will insist on this.
  • Firewalls for the servers- To protect them against attack and software which can affect their performance
  • Server monitoring- Server issues can play havoc with a business, shutting down operations and literally costing a fortune in downtime. With a monitoring service, you can be up and running, with your backup in place to get back to normal.
Existing business site upgrades If you already have a business site and aren’t happy with the service from the web host, an upgrade is the easy option. Your site simply moves from one web host to another. You may need to reload your site materials, however, for the new host. The upgrade pays for itself, particularly if you’re upgrading to a combination site hosting/server management package. You’re actually cutting costs, because the site management package and server management package, even if separate, reduce the real costs of administration and doing business. With your upgrade, you will get:
  • Rid of the old web host, to start with.
  • Better service for your vital dedicated servers, particularly if your new host/server manager has the new Windows or Linux servers.
  • Very probably a much better cost base for your site management. The business site management services are extremely competitive, and getting a good deal is really pretty easy, if you’re prepared to do the research.
Put it this way- You can get a full site management service for less than $500 a year, and full-spectrum server management for about the same sort of costs. You save money from day one, as well as getting better service and multiple site options. Start looking for a better deal, and you will find one.

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