Reasons Why Hotels in Sydney are Switching to Commercial Cleaning Services

Office cleaning Sydney, is big business. Another great source of income for commercial cleaning Sydney operators is paid accommodation. There are thousands of top hotels, hostels and budget accommodation all looking for a way to keep their premises clean and their costs down. Here is a look at why they are looking to outsource their needs. As more jobs in our Australian market continue to dry up, more individuals are forced to reinvent themselves. A small to medium commercial cleaning Sydney can earn considerable money. As with any other business, looking for long term and stable clients is the key to a good business. Hotels in Sydney are shifting to outsourcing many of their business operations along much in the way as many other businesses are. Here is a look at some of the reasons why hotels and other paid accommodation are choosing to do this.
  • Cost. Commercial cleaning services provide a flat fee for getting the job done. This is a simple contractual arrangement by the cleaning company and the hotel.
  • Tax Deductable. The cost of cleaning is a legitimate expense. Employing their own staff to do the same job can also be considered a legitimate expense, but there are a range of other issues that make the cost of a contractor easier to justify compared with the cost of employees.
  • Ease of Business. Employing your own staff is a little more complicated than just paying a company to clean your rooms and hotel. There are a huge number of health and safety laws, let alone all the complicated calculations to do with sick pay, holiday pay, to mention a few, that hotels will have to deal with. Outsourcing can be a very effective way to get the same job done, and even when it costs a little more, the reduction in the need to employ individuals is reduced, and therefore, all those complications that come with that are also eliminated.
  • Termination. If a hotel is not satisfied with the work of a contractor, simply cancelling the contract is very easy. Compare this with the hotel having to hire and fire people, and you can see why a hotel would want to choose the contractor option. Employment laws and the regulations in relation to termination and the like are very complicated to say the least. It is not attractive for companies to employ people anymore. They want to get a job done, and they want the right to choose who is doing it. They also want the choice of termination without the hassles of firing people.
  • Quality. Owner operators generally tend to do a job better than employees. They have more pride in their work, and they understand the business angle of their contract. They know they are getting paid to do a top quality job. They understand the contract can be terminated if their service does not meet the expectations of their client and what is written in their contract.
If your cleaning services are looking for steady and long term clients in Sydney, all forms of paid accommodation and hotels are always a great source of business. Ramp up your marketing and build up your steady income.  

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