Why and When to Relocate Your Vending Machines

If your vending machine is not giving you the kind of business you want after trying all the usual ways to increase your vending profits, such as changing product mix or lowering the price, then it becomes apparent that you will need a more productive vending location.

When this situation occurs, it is best to leave your vending machine at that location until you secure a replacement location. If a vending machine is idle, it generates nothing but dust. Needless to say, your current location is always better than no vending location at all.

* The decision maker decides she doesn't want your vending machines in their area anymore. * The vending machine may be causing ants, bugs, etc. * Employees may be breaking into your vending machines on a regular basis. * The business burns down. * A new decision maker comes with a new preference and decides he wants all your vending machines removed. * The owner's brother-in-law goes into the vending machine business and they decide to keep it in the family. * The store owner or the store manager claims that your vending business is causing a lot of mess. * The owner decides to buy his own vending machines. * The employees are slobs and are leaving the vending machine area a mess despite repeated warnings, until the management orders the vending machines removed. * Employees abuse the privilege of having vending machines by socializing or "hiding out" at the machines when they should be working. * People who work in building regularly come into non-public areas to use the vending machines and the owner or manager considers it too disruptive. * Other vending machines show up at a later date and are placed beside yours, It now takes part of your profit and the location is no longer profitable. You probably know by now that the key to achieve vending success is location. If you think that your current vending location is not giving you your ideal profit then it is best to just relocate. Relocating may just be the solution to your vending business. Be aware, this time, that you cannot afford to have a poor vending location anymore. What you want now is a location that will serve the full purpose of your vending machines. Hire an expert. Happy Vending!

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