Best Options for Buying an Investment Property- Buying off the plan

Looking at options for investment property purchases from a buyer’s perspective and benefits of buying off a plan. It’s tempting, when you see an investment property for sale, to dream of the possibilities. As a matter of fact, you can do a lot more than just dream, if you assess your investment options correctly and check out what you really can do. The truth is that there are very good investment properties on the market, but you must do the financial spadework and market research to positively identify the best purchases. The investment property market can claim with some justice to be a wealth creation market. Investors can make very big money in this market. The mistake most investors make is to assume that the waves of the big boom markets are the whole story, and that the property investment market is some sort of Get Rich Quick scheme. That’s not the case. Good investment practices relate to buying good investment assets. The most successful property investors are experts. They’re planners, not speculators or gamblers. They buy assets on a realistic basis, looking for definite upsides and potentials for good returns on their investments. They don’t buy anything and everything and are actually very fussy about their purchases. They’re good risk managers, and only buy quality properties that show clear values, and don’t over-commit themselves financially. One of the best examples of fussiness with a very positive upside is the emerging market of buying investment property off the plan. These investment properties are a good example of best practice property investing:
  • They’re brand new buildings with all mod cons built in- This means that they don’t have “heirloom” property or site problems and don’t need the “property makeovers” of older buildings. They’re built literally from the ground up.
  • They’re luxury properties having intrinsic asset values- This market is extremely strong, and attracts both good rental values and good sales values. These properties have natural investment upsides built in.
  • They’re built by expert developers catering to a very demanding market- The “buy off the plan” buildings are tailored to the top end of the market, which simply won’t look at anything but top quality premises.
  • They’re fixed price properties, not subject to auction or fluctuating market pricing- This is an investment angle a lot of people miss. The straightforward, hard dollar values of buying off the plan make financial planning a lot simpler. Investors are working with known quantities from day one.
If this looks a very different to the rather laborious and often quite hazardous process of looking for a property in a particular area and taking a good guess at what returns might be possible, it is. Experts in the property market don’t guess. They’re natural risk managers. If they want to buy investment property, they conduct a valuation and check out the local market starting with the known factors of a given price. This eliminates all the guesswork. The next time you see an investment property for sale, make a comparison between that property and buying an investment property off the plan. Take a close look at the difference in calculating returns on investment. It’s self explanatory.

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