Five Things to Include in Your Contents Insurance

Things to include in your contents insurance include jewellery, entertainment and computer equipment, appliances and carpet. It is important when you take out home insurance to consider contents insurance as well. It would be difficult to replace all your furniture and belongings if you were to lose them in a house fire, because of flood damage or some other natural disaster. It would be costly and for most people would be something they simply couldn't afford to do. Contents insurance also covers your personal belongings against theft. When taking out contents insurance you need to include all items within your home of value, including furniture, computer equipment and jewellery. It can also cover removalists if they happen to damage furniture if you ever move. Jewellery Jewellery is something that definitely should be insured. One of the things that intruders are most often looking for is jewellery, and it is easily one of the things most reported stolen. Jewellery is easy to carry and conceal by thieves and is also easy to re-sell. If pieces are recognisable or unique they can easily be broken down and sold in pieces, for example the gems can be sold individually. Your contents insurance should include jewellery, particularly as these are luxury items and if stolen you might never find the money to replace them. Entertainment equipment Stereos, televisions and gaming consoles are another target for thieves as these are also easily converted into cash. If your home is damaged by fire or flood then it is unlikely these sorts of items would be able to be re-salvaged. Electrical equipment would be hazardous to use after a flood, just in case they got wet there is the risk of electric shock. Computer equipment Computers are used in homes as much as they are in offices. Whether you work from home and need a computer, or if you use it to store music and photos, losing your computer would be an enormous inconvenience. Laptops are easy for thieves to steal, as they are portable, and other devices like iPads easily taken. Insuring these items against damage or theft is well worth it. Furniture Furniture is not something that you would assume would be stolen, but in case if damage from a fire, flood or other incident, it is important to have contents insurance. It is important to cover your furniture as well as your house because it would a financial burden having to find the money for new furniture. Even second hand furniture would add up, particularly if you had lost everything. Contents insurance will give you the peace of mind that you wouldn't have to go without if you were to lose everything. Fixtures and appliances Your contents insurance should cover things like your light fittings, taps and shower heads as well as carpet. It will also cover the loss or damage of appliances, which if you added up the cost of all your appliances you will discover that contents insurance is well worth the extra cost.

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  • Luke O'Hagan says:

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips. I think being able to plan ahead and finding all the help that you can get, whether it’s through personal or internet is very important and crucial in moving out. Finding the best insurance and removalist is like finding the right partner on your new journey. 🙂


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