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Need some fresh marketing ideas to boost your business? We’ve got some great ideas you won’t want to miss! Need to inject some fresh ideas into your business? From promotional items to social network usage, weʼve got some great tips to help promote your business to the right people, today: Social networks If you are not on Facebook or Twitter, today is the day to set up your accounts and learn how to use it to benefit your business. Reach your customers where there are online, let them know about new products and promotions in a timely manner. All of this can be achieved by utilising social networks. Itʼs never too late to jump on board and it is certainly a must for businesses of all sizes. Help your customers spread the word Does your business make it easy for happy customers to share their purchases and praise for your services with others? Make sure that you link your website to your social networks and get your customers actively involved with spreading the word about what you do. Embed ʻshareʼ buttons on product pages and have an email this to a friend link under all of your services and products. Friend referral is one of the most effective ways to gain new customers and there are a number of tools to help encourage this to happen. Create a blog on your website Get blogging. There are so many reasons why blogging is so important to small business. Firstly, websites that are constantly changing their content rather than being static are seen favourably by Google. Secondly, itʼs also a good way to position you and your business as experts in your industry. Write about news that is relevant to your customers and you will notice slowly but surely youʼll develop a long list of followers who are reading your blog posts. Reward your existing customers Tap in to your existing database to create a postcard promotional campaign giving your existing customers a great deal on your services/products. Collect testimonials Let your business speak for itself. Get out there and collect testimonials from satisfied clients. These make great material to use on your website and in hard copy collateral you send to potential customers. Create a video Multimedia is a great way to promote your business, new services and products. Get creative and work with a team of people that specialise in short online films for businesses like yourself. Sponsor a local event By sponsoring an event where the audience is your ideal target market you are opening yourself up to loads of potential new business. Bring a number of promotional gifts with your logo and details on them to give away so that long after the event is over youʼll be remembered. Fresh concepts come from thinking outside the box. I hope our list has given you some new ideas that you can implement to help boost your business and keep it growing long after youʼve put the idea to work.

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