How and why perfect like imperfect

Is aiming for a state perfection good for corporate? Is it possible to achieve perfection in corporate and if so how? Human mind is yet to understand how perfection can be dangerous and detrimental? The story of creation of man itself testifies how perfection can be so destructive and harmful. In the course of evolution, nature appears to have done several indefinite experiments, trial & error and would have finally produced the man, ‘biologically the best perfect species' – Homo sapiens.

Ironically, before even the nature could gaze at its creation – the man and admires its perfect creation, the perfect man has started sowing the seeds of destruction of the beautiful nature and its wonderful resources.

The payment and dividends the nature has to incur for the creation of the perfect man is the extinction, elimination and destruction of its beauty and diversity.

Man love antiques and always attaches numismatic value to good old things even though they may not be in a perfect or usable state. Many handicrafts, he loves to give an antique touch to make imperfect so it look old and beautiful. But why the same man when dealing with their parents or grand parents who are really antiques and imperfect with age, treat differently.

How the story of perfection and being perfect goes in corporate? The incredible truth is that most corporate in general never like to be perfect. Being perfect in business means unfit for business. For example, a perfect subordinate is a perennial problem to the boss whether the boss being perfect or not. If the subordinate smartly/artificially engineer a gap in his/her work to show and provide an opportunity to the boss to make it perfect means excellent. The boss needs an opportunity to prove that he/she is the most perfect. Such subordinates are loudly applauded by the boss. Imperfection really becomes helpful to survive in corporate world.

The most difficult question to answer is why biologically the so perfect man loves the imperfection so much. Anything appear perfect before him, he destroy them. The boundless beauty of nature may be hurting him deeply that the nature is more perfect than man, hence he destroy them.

Perhaps nature would have approached the problem of perfection while creating man purely from the biological point of view and not from behavioural or psychological point of view. Anyway, in corporate, if people at least artificially create some element of imperfection, they can live happily as such imperfect state always help the boss to prove he/she is the most perfect.

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