Understanding Servers: Typical Dedicated Server Uses for Small Businesses

There are a number of reasons why any company will choose to use dedicated servers for the storage, management and delivery of company information and data. Setting up your company’s networking capabilities right from the start will mean fewer problems with future growth. Because just about all companies rely so heavily on information management, it is worth looking at all your options before you decide on how you will manage and maintain your company data and information. Just because you are in small business does not mean you will not be using some high-end technologies. In this article, we look at some typical situations to help you evaluate your own networking, storage, and information delivery needs.

  • Onsite. It is not hard to build a dedicated server. They are only high-powered personal computers dedicated to supplying information to a network or the internet. Setting one up in your office is not difficult. The issue of protecting your information and supplying data without interruption is the issue. Managed dedicated servers are backed-up regularly, they are protected in military grade facilities, they have backup power supplies, and they are completely protected against fire and any other potential threat. You will never see the full internal features of a high-end dedicated server provider because their facilities are so secure. The best do not even give away their location. You might have to visit your provider after traveling with your eyes being covered.
  • E-commerce. E-commerce has allowed anyone to generate the sales of a traditional store with greatly reduced costs. A well-earning e-commerce site will have thousands of visitors and handle a lot of secure traffic. Managed dedicated servers have super-high speed internet connections, and run at super-high speeds to deliver the information to your customers at high speeds. It should be noted that research has shown that even a small amount of reduction in website downloading speeds can greatly influence the return rates and user numbers of websites and domain names. If you are losing thousands of dollars each day because your site is 1/100 of a second slower than your competitors, the advantage of investment in a managed dedicated server is obvious.
  • Cloud. Cloud computing is the provision of all applications and storage destination on a computer in the ‘cloud’. This strategy of information delivery and retrieval is one that is popular with many companies. They can create their own part of the cloud with managed dedicated servers for their people. All of your company’s information stays on your server and your employees’ computers are more like access terminals. This can also be a means of security, as there are systems and applications that do not permit copying of the information displayed on the terminal.
  • Personal. Just because you are operating a small business, does not mean you cannot consider the investment in monthly payments for such a service. Virtual dedicated servers are virtually created dedicated servers. They act much like dedicated servers but the machines used are actually divided for a number of users. They are an excellent option for even personal use.

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who have lost data, and those who will. Take proactive measures to improve your business, and ensure you keep what you have created.

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