Easing the Pressure of Running a Business

Running a business can be stressful and very hard work. Often the manager or director becomes far too distracted by the day-to-day paperwork and responsibilities, limiting the time they have time to sit back and look at their business holistically. The role of the director should be thinking strategically about how and when to expand the business and make it more efficient. This short guide will give you some advice on how to ease the workload of running your business so that you can start to think strategically once again.

External management

One of the biggest areas in which directors find themselves caught up is the mountains of paperwork that businesses find themselves filling out to avoid public liability and insurance forms. There are two methods to solve this problem. One solution is to employ a member of staff to complete the paperwork, and another is to employ an external manager.

Whilst businesses often choose to keep everything in-house, there are many benefits to utilising a contractor management team. By externalising all of your public liability and insurance claims you will be assured that you are covered no matter what happens. When the work remains internal then a mistake made by your staff could potentially cost you your business. The added bonus is that instead of employing one person whom you would have to train, you will be hiring multiple experienced administrators at a lower cost.


Accounts and taxes are another huge burden on the small business in Sydney. Making any kind of error could be a costly mistake so accounts tend to take a very long time to complete. But rather than completing them yourself and risking losing more because of a mistake, it is advisable and time saving to hire an accountant in Sydney to take the load off of your shoulders. Not only will utilising an accountant ease the stress created by worrying about taxes, it will also provide you with yet more time to concentrate on what really matters about your business and see how you can help it to develop into a better company.

Out of office working

When creating a small start-up business the director and founder often sacrifices a huge amount of time and effort in order to make the business work. Whilst it is often necessary to commit more time and effort to get a business rolling, there comes a point when changes need to be made for the health of both body and business. Working yourself too hard will lead to an eventual crash which could make you ill for long periods of time, leaving your business rudderless and yourself helpless to guide it.

Even if you feel you cannot possibly hand the reins to another and relax, there are ways to enable yourself rest whilst still working. Try working from home for a day each week. Use your home computer to deal with work you would do in the office and remain contactable by phone. By being away from the office you will almost invariably find that people will find solutions to problems themselves rather than disturb you. This is a simple way to ease some of your workload and enjoy the comfort of your own home.

Personal assistant

When your business starts to develop more you may find yourself in need of a personal assistant. Do not be afraid to employ a member of staff to assist you. Remember that it was you who set up the business and you that made it so successful. If all of your time is consumed with meaningless administration then the business will become stagnant. Freeing the directors time can be just the boost that your company needs.

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