E-Marketing for Businesses

Few things have impacted our lives and the way we do business more dramatically and immediately than the internet. The internet, known as the e-environment, has revolutionised the way we do business, allowing organisations to grow and compete on a global scale regardless of how many offices they have or where they are located.

This is where e-marketing comes in. E-marketing isn’t all that different from ‘marketing’. Essentially it is the process whereby traditional marketing techniques are employed using electronic methods i.e. distributing brochures online.

However, e-marketing does have some significant differences. The main one occurs in the application of e-marketing strategies rather than in their design. Businesses can use e-marketing at a very basic level to increase efficiency and reduce cost through electronic brochures like booklet printing or at a more advanced level to improve their customer relationship management functions and proactively communicate with their customers.

While the internet provides us with another way to communicate and disseminate information to our markets, it also paves the way for revolutionary and innovative types of marketing. Many businesses develop e-marketing campaigns to instigate or dialogue with current or prospective customers.

It has also been hugely beneficial to businesses for many reasons, most simply to increase competition and the speed of business. Think about it…. today, businesses can compete on a global scale and buy or sell products and services to anywhere in the world. So the return on investment is huge. The benefits include:

  1. Reach – the nature of the internet allows businesses to have global reach therefore e-marketing opens up new avenues for businesses.
  2. Scope – e-marketing has the capability to do, among other things, manage information, implement innovative public relations campaigns, increase customer service levels and drive sales.
  3. Interactivity – e-marketing is hugely effective in creating two-way communication channels between companies and their clients. With this, companies can compile more feedback to make continuous improvements to their products and services.
  4. Immediacy – e-marketing allows your clients to access information about your company and its products and services anytime, anywhere. This helps to maximise your sales opportunity right while the consumer is still in ‘buying’ mode.
  5. Targeting markets – we all know that marketing messages are most effective when they are delivered to the audience most likely to be interested. More than any other advertising medium, the internet allows businesses to do just this.

E-marketing can open avenues that the old business card printing couldn’t… but that doesn’t mean that traditional forms of marketing are dead. What it does mean is that we have more ways to reach our target markets than ever before and we should be using a combination of all to reach maximum cut-through. So don’t get too carried away with e-marketing or you might just put all of your eggs in one basket.

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