Reasons Why Dynamics AX is Not Just an Upgrade of an existing ERP business solution

With the recent introduction of Dynamics AX 2012, Dynamics consultants have a lot cut out for them. The latest edition of Microsoft’s longstanding ERP business solution is much more than an upgrade. The name change means a lot more. The release is actually a generational change in ERP business software. The new version, or more appropriately called, new application package delivers new levels of capability, speed, and Role Centers give an amazing new user experience. Back-end and other security features make it much easier for Administrators to do their job, and it much easier for those without the technical know-how, to understand what the Administrator is doing, or what they would like their Administrator to implement.

  • Role-based solution. The reality is that most enterprise resource management packages have not moved beyond managing the administration of your business. Dynamics AX is very different because it can handle both administration and operations of business. Through analysis of global business and entity structure and operations, Microsoft has released a product that has inbuilt features upon release. Role Centers, for example, come with Dynamics AX 2102. Role Centers are essentially positions in your company that will already exist, and you can use those user interfaces for those users, in those positions. We can login to the system as the CEO, or we can login to the system as a purchasing manager when we get the application out of the box.
  • Scalability. Dynamics can be used with a single company, or by a larger organisation with multiple companies, and even in multiple countries. The software supports the unique business requirements of 36 countries. For example, it contains multiple currencies, multiple time zones, languages, and banking and security compliance for the global coverage you need. Dynamics developers have a set of tools to create new applications to add to what is supplied. You might want to convert Lotus notes to Outlook (nsf to pst) options for your reporting and communication with a specific client. You can get a Developer to do that. Other add-ons are already becoming available.
  • Pre-set security settings. Because we now have a number of pre-defined roles in the system, pre-defined sample security sets for those roles, also come shipped with Dynamics AX. As the system is now based on task and duty, and administration of those security rules are also applied based on rule, duty and task. What we get is a system that company managers can better understand. In the past, the Administrator would have to have manually selected the single actions of the application for a user or user group, rather than based on role or task. This means we also have a huge reduction in workload for administrators. The Administrator’s actual work is much clearer to company managers who do not have the technical ability to actually monitor them.
  • Simplification. As more sophisticated business solutions become available, we have seen a trend in business, which defies the logic of this software implementation. Confusing applications have made it harder for individuals to adapt. Microsoft has ‘humanised’ AX with user simplification. This is, again, demonstrated in the Role Centers’ ease of use, and the clear and simple display interface. Developers have a clear set of tools to work with that come with AX, and what we get is a package that sets the foundation for further development, while maintaining user simplicity.

For the first time ever, this type of business application has been released on a consumer network. You can use the Vuse application to get it. Many businesses already have moved ahead with Microsoft’s Early Adoption Plan.

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