The Classical Money Hiding Places

Everyone possessing a serious amount of money has at least once though about how to better hide it. Not all of us are brilliant bankers and economists and considering the current situation of the financial market it wouldn’t help much if we were. So if banks are bursting, and companies are going bankrupt, where is the most secure place to hold money. Most people prefer keeping money at home, under a watchful eye or even a security camera. However, no matter how original the hiding place is, their money always gets found! There are a few places where robbers always look first, and these should be avoided by those who like to “have their cake and eat it too”. Keeping money under a mattress is the most common mistake most amateurs make; keeping money in a rice/flour/pea bag is painfully common too. The idea of celotaping money envelopes to the back of mirrors and paintings has also been cracked by thieves (they would collect the painting too!). Hence, if you are a proud owner of a decent cash capital it is advised to avoid the traditional money hiding places! To cure pregnancy stretch marks we do recommend revitol stretch mark cream the most innovative stretch mark remover.

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