4 Things to do with $200,000

After stringent saving and planning, the sale of a business venture, or perhaps a lucky inheritance, you may find yourself with a significant amount of money to do what you please with. This article will consider 4 of the options in front of you if you wake up tomorrow with $200,000 ready to spend, invest, or hide under your mattress.

1. Invest in Property

Whilst this is not the most exciting of options it is potentially the wisest by far. With a $200,000 pot of money it would be possible to gain access to a loan between $450,000 and $500,000 with ease. With this amount of money and some sensible research you would potentially be able to buy two investment properties and still have a proportion of your fund to place into a savings account should you need help with the mortgage repayments later on.

When investing in property it is always wise to consult property valuation software because research makes all the difference between a good investment and a bad investment. Consider the potential for property improvements at a later date by using real estate development software because once you have two investment properties you will find yourself suddenly able to plan for greater expansion in the near future.

2. Stock Markets

Investing in stock markets could enable you to make huge profits from a $200,000 investment, but be warned that it does come with risks. Investing in and reinvesting in stocks, bonds and shares is the greatest way to accrue wealth but could also result in the loss of all of your savings. Be sure to consult a financial advisor before going ahead with any investment because $200,000 is a lot of money and you need to be sure that you are making the correct investment. When doing so it is also prudent to seek a fee only advisor so that you are not charged a percentage of the turnover following investments.

3. Buy a Car

With $200,000 you will be able to buy a very nice car. $200,000 can let you get your hands on a very sexy Bentley, Lamborghini or Maserati to name but a few. It is every man’s dream to have the chance even to drive one of these fantastic cars and such saving could provide you with the opportunity. Whilst it may not be the most sensible of ways to use your first $200,000 it is always worth remembering for the future once your fund has grown a little.

4. Enjoy 3 Nights to Remember

To put $200,000 in perspective, it will buy you 3 nights in the Royal Penthouse Suite of the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva. This is one of the most expensive hotels in the world and will cost $159,000 for 3 nights. In such an expensive hotel you may just about be able to afford the room service with the remaining $41,000. The suite is the entire top floor of the hotel, has a private elevator and a dining area which seats 26 people. There are 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and the entire suite enjoys views over the beautiful city of Geneva.

Whilst this may not be a realistic experience to appreciate with $200,000, it is possible one day, and a wise investment of your fund could make it affordable in the distant future. It is best to aim for the stars and use your money wisely than waste it on brief experiences. Undoubtedly, just saving the money is not a wise option. With such a large fund you are best off investing and watching your fund grow significantly and quickly.

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