5 Ways to Promote a Business

Promotion and marketing are a major part of a business. Without advertising, a business is one of many providing the same service. The aim of promotion is to uniquely identify the brand in the marketplace. Printing services play a large role in this task. However, most companies have limited printing budgets which makes it difficult to decide the most effective form of advertising.

There are several effective ways to promote a business, they include.

  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Everyday objects
  • Business cards
  • Bookmarks
  1. Posters

Posters are an effective method of advertising in shopfronts or on streets. They are large, attractive and can capture the eye of passing trade. They are particularly useful when advertising a product or event. A poster in the window of a shop will attract passing trade which can translate into sales.

A poster should be bright, feature large print with relevant information, and have a short sharp message which can be quickly scanned and understood by passersby.

  1. Brochures

Brochures are items which are designed for closer reading. They contain more information than posters and can detail times, prices or services more precisely. The information on a brochure should be carefully targeted to the consumer. For example, if marketing products to adults, the colours, language and layout should reflect adult perspectives.

Brochures are useful as they can be easily designed using widely available software. Printing services can print them at a reasonable rate and they can be distributed widely through various agencies such as shops, public spaces and as street flyers.

  1. Everyday objects

Using everyday objects to market products and services is a unique and lasting way to advertise. Objects such as mugs and t-shirts will be permanent reminders of the company and its services if the printing is professional and visible.

The advantage of using these materials is that they are lasting reminders of the business. A strategically placed phone number printed on a mug can translate into a sale or enquiry. The objects can be reused and therefore serve as a lasting advertising message to a potential customer.

  1. Business cards

A well designed business card will be a useful advertising tool. Business cards are a personal method of promotion. They are distributed by hand, which means that the business is automatically associated with a friendly face. This makes the business more accessible and friendly. It also makes it more memorable. A business card designed to fit in a wallet will be reused and create good word of mouth advertising.


Bookmarks are another useful promotional tool. A bookmark will be reused by a customer and is also associated with a pleasant activity, reading. This association will create a positive message.

A bookmark is a friendly, personal and effective advertising method. Its reusability will ensure that it is in the customer’s sight for a long period of time. A good printing service will ensure that the design and layout of the bookmark prominently features important business information.

There are many productive tools for advertising. Bookmarks, everyday objects and business cards will be effective promotional tools. More traditional advertising such as posters and brochures will also attract customers. The key to good advertising is targeting. Advertising products should be developed with the market in mind.

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