How to Get the Most out of Your Business Trip to Brisbane

Just because you are going to Brisbane on a business trip doesn't mean everything you do while you're there has to be strictly business related. If you have a chance to get out of the office for a while, you will find that Brisbane is a magnificent east coast city that has a lot to offer, and you will be glad you took the time to appreciate some of the city's finer points. So make room for a mini holiday on your Brisbane business trip, and try a few of the following ideas so you can say you really have seen the city.

Stay Somewhere Nice

The key ingredient to any good business trip is to find accommodation that is central to the main part of the city, and a place where you can sit back, relax and spread out your things as if you were at home. Hotels are a great option in Brisbane and the hospitality training in Australia is world class, so you will find the service to be fantastic here. If you are wanting more of a “home away from home” feel, then there are plenty of furnished apartments in Brisbane that you can rent for short periods of time. Once you are well set up, you can come back from exploring the city or from a long day in business meetings to your own quiet space.

Plan a Weekend Trip

There are many great places near Brisbane that are well worth making time to see. If you want to get out of the city for a day or a weekend, then rent a car and hit the beach on the world famous Gold Coast or the nearby Sunshine Coast. If you are into bushwalking, then you are spoiled for choices in this beautiful part of Queensland, and you can find great National Parks just a hop, skip and a jump away from Brisbane. If you don't have time to plan, there are many great tour operators that would be happy to show you all the best things about the Brisbane region.

See the City

When staying in Brisbane, you don't have to go far to see some spectacular sights, so if you are pressed for time and can't make it out of the city, why not take in the city sights themselves? Take a walk along the beautiful river that brings life into Brisbane or, to see a different view, jump on one of the many river cruises that depart daily that will show you all the best spots. If you want to take in the whole city but don't have much time, then contact Balloons Over Brisbane, and they will take you high in the sky and give you a more comprehensive view of the city.


It's not hard to justify spending a little time pampering yourself especially when you are away on business. Besides, it's good to get out of the office once in a while and help your body relax after a long and stressful day. There are plenty of day spas in Brisbane, including the Harbour Day Spa; the Rains Forest Massage and Day Spa as well as the Salt Sanctuary, which is Australia's first salt therapy clinic. Follow up your relaxing massage with a visit to the Chung Tian Temple and let the peaceful and natural setting make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

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