Online Marketing and More Cost-efficient Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

While we have seen a boom online marketing, it is not the only way to promote your small business. That being said, it is extremely important, and more importantly, it has to be done right. Marketing is essential. Most business owners only think about marketing when they are flush with cash. When business is down, the marketing budget is the first area they cut back on. Ironically, it is when business is down they should be doing the most amount of marketing. The key to keeping your business stable is to keep your marketing going. This way you can have a limited amount of spending each month, and keep your message out there. Here is a look at some very cost-efficient marketing ideas for most small businesses.

  • Web marketing part 1. You just have to have a website. There are just too many ways to have a decent website without paying a fortune. If you are any good with Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress, and other website builders. In Australia, MYOB and Google offered free small business websites for something like 40,000 businesses, and there is still a good number available.
  • Web marketing part 2. Facebook marketing (social media marketing) is one of the easiest ways to push your business and create relationships with your customers. You can link your blogs, video blogs (how to paint a table for example), and your other stories from your WordPress website to your Facebook account or page. Play around a little and you will soon work it out. Blogging and Facebook are very similar. Consider Facebook as mini-blogging. New content keeps Google’s Search Engine interested in your site and web activities.
  • Printed materials. Online printing services make light work of anything you need. The best online services make it easy to add your logo, create a logo, and place it on any document you need. They produce fast, and delivery is just as fast. You can think about giving your clients coffee and teacups at Christmas, because they will be used for years to come. Letterbox drops can be very effective and efficient for some businesses.
  • Signage. Signage on your business is essential where possible. Other signage, even for those who are in more ‘office’ like or ‘consulting’ businesses is still very possible. Stylish logos and writing on your car does not have to be huge to have effect. A small amount of writing on the rear of your car, even your site address, will attract more attention than you think.
  • Local media. Local print media is everywhere. A local free newspaper, council booklets and more. Look at what you can contribute into. By contribution with tips and other information to help potential customers, we can save on the cost of hard advertising. Flyer and letterbox drops can also be very effective.

As we can see, marketing does not have to cost a lot of money. More often than not, it is a case of effort over financial constraint. Anyone in small business should consider a combination of marketing that contains long term elements, such as the coffee cups, and regular new content for clients to benefit from, such as video blogs and other written content.

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