Car Accidents on Your Property: Which Insurance to Use?

If you drive often, you will be surprised to know research shows that most accidents actually happen close to home, and you will be surprised to know the majority of those car and property accidents happen when approaching your home. Your home insurance will cover your home and property if something happens out of your control. If you get into an accident when entering your property, or even on your property, it is going to be considered your fault. What should you do?

  • Make sure everyone is safe. At the point of your accident you must make sure everyone is safe. Most car insurance suppliers will have a phone number to contact in the case of an accident. Contact your insurance company once you know you are not in an emergency situation. Most accidents at home are not serious, but you should always make sure.
  • Contacting emergency services. If someone has been injured, you should contact emergency services. It is not a good idea to use your own car after an accident. Only proceed to the hospital if you have another car to use. Using your own car after and accident may negate your rights to claiming on your insurance. Be careful and use common sense with your choices.
  • Take photos. Just about everyone has a camera in his or her mobile phone these days. This is one time when you should not forget to use it. Because your accident occurred on private property, and all the property is yours, you don’t need to call the police unless a very nasty situation has occurred, such as someone being killed. Your insurer may still want you to contact the police for a breath test – contacting them is imperative. Remember, although you are not on public roads, you still have obligations of responsibility because you are claiming against your insurance.
  • Get a medical check. Sometimes the smallest of accidents can have serious effects on our health. You should have a full medical check soon after your accident. Your back or neck may have been damaged, for example, and you might not know for a few days. Adrenalin can mean we do not feel pain immediately after an accident. Wait until you are calm, and go for a full medical check at a time that is practical and still shows you are having the check in relation to your accident. For example, don’t be playing sport until you have had your medical examination.
  • This is when we need total cover insurance. Crashing into your own garage, or something similar can end up costing a lot. If you caused structural damage to your home you will really appreciate the benefits of having comprehensive insurance. You will be at fault, and there is no doubt about that. Sometimes insurance companies will want to inspect your property, and assist you getting repairs quotes. This will all depend on the cost and the level of damage. Follow their procedures.

Complete cover should always be considered by anyone who is driving a car. Small accidents can actually end up costing a lot of money. Your property insurance cannot cover you when you have damaged your property yourself. Your property and building insurance can only cover you against claims by someone else, and that would be based on your own liability.

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