Common Dangers in the Modern Warehouse

Warehouses today are far more efficient in their operations than ever before, and for the most part they are also far safer than the warehouses of years gone by. Nevertheless, the modern warehouse is far from being a totally safe place, with many of the dangers that have concerned warehouse managers for generations still present. The following are some of the main danger areas in modern warehouses, and they make a good case for self insurance for warehouse workers.   Lifting Despite all of the modernization that warehouses have undergone over the past decades, the most common danger area, as far as injuries go, is attempting to lift heavy items. Whether the worker is using a poor lifting technique, or the items they are being asked to lift are unreasonably heavy, lifting-related injuries remain a significant concern. Slips Slipping and falling is one of the most common ways to become injured while working in a warehouse. Often, unattended spills cause slips to occur, and other times poor practice in the transport of liquids and materials is the culprit. Injuries related to slips could be completely eradicated through good practices in the workplace.   Handling Materials Injuries regularly take place in warehouses where handling of materials is concerned. Dropping a forklift full of stock, spilling toxic chemicals, or being injured while trying to quickly unload a delivery, are all causes of damage and injury that pose huge problems for any warehouse. The efficiency with which a company is able to handle its materials will often play a huge role in the overall success of the business, as you will reduce stock loss due to damage, as well as reducing time lost to injuries.   Poor Storage Incorrect storage practices are another huge cause of workplace injury and product loss in warehouses. Despite modern storage solutions providing some incredible ideas and practices for warehouse storage, most storage solutions still rely on humans to operate them, which can lead to injuries and safety concerns in the warehouse workplace. Practices such as stacking boxes in an unstable manner, or putting heavy items on high shelves, can greatly jeopardize the safety of your workplace. Injuries caused by poor storage are entirely avoidable – often it is simply a matter of education.   Until we are able to create extremely intelligent robots to work in our warehouses, people need to run these operations. No matter how safe you make it, if people are involved there will always be injuries. The modern warehouse has made some aspects of warehouse work safer, though it has, so far, failed to achieve total safety. The only thing that is certain is that there are still plenty of dangers associated with warehouses, their functioning and operations, and safety still needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Conducting a regular safety audit, being vigilant and providing constant education remain the best ways to keep your workplace as safe as possible.

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