How to Be Taken Seriously in the Workplace

If you are a little shy, or you tend to be a quiet person, or you just like to make people happy and are always ready to lend a hand or help out: then thank you, the world needs more people like you!

Unfortunately, one of the downsides to being a lovely human being is that sometimes people take advantage, or you struggle to be taken seriously. So here are some ways to help you have people sit up and respect you, as well as love you.

Printing out inspirational quotes and having these on your bathroom mirror was the first step – now you need to act on them!

Believe in Yourself

When you are a quieter personality, it can be very tempting to back down rather than face an argument, or the potential embarrassment of sticking to your word only to be proven wrong.

However, you will always struggle to get other people to take you seriously, if even you don’t take yourself seriously!

Confrontation is never pleasant but not always avoidable. If you believe in yourself and take steps to work on your self-confidence, then you will soon see the results in how others treat you, as well how you treat yourself.

Stick to Your Word

While you probably don’t have a problem with this in your everyday life, you might find it’s a different case at work.

If someone has asked you to help out or do a favour for them, and you have initially said no because you simply do not have the time or have too much work of your own: it can be difficult to continue to refuse when they ask you again and again.

Stick to your word! If you relent and agree to the task or help out, not only will you be placing yourself under unnecessary stress, you will also find yourself constantly in a similar situation– and perhaps gain a reputation as a pushover.

Do What You Love

If you find you are constantly second-guessing yourself or feel intimidated by those you work with, then perhaps you are in the wrong job.

Have a think about what it is you really love and feel passionate for, and figure out how you can turn this into your career.

Your skill, ability and passion in this area will mean people will naturally take you seriously and you will feel more comfortable to stand up for yourself in the working environment.

Be Tough When You Need to Be

Sometimes you really do have to take a stand or be prepared to face an argument – and resist the urge to back down!

It may be that a client you have worked with continues to put off paying the invoices. As nice as they are, as many excuses as they might provide, enlisting the help of a debt collection agency will mean you get the money owed. It will also mean your clients will understand and respect that you play hardball when needed.

Setting yourself the task of talking to workers when they have been unreliable rather than passing the job onto someone else (provided, of course, you are within your job description to do this) is another way you can practice taking a stand or facing confrontation. The more you practice, the easier it will get, and sooner you will have people taking you seriously.

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