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There are sufficient scopes for commerce graduates in the present job scenario. Most of the companies hire fresh graduates after completion of their Bachelor of Commerce degree for marketing and sales related works. Commerce mainly involves foreign or local exchange of goods or services as trade. There are wide choices of careers including sales, finance and logistics that come under the category of commerce jobs. Education expectations, work specialties and professional requirements offer business students miscellaneous career options as they enter the workforce.

Careers in commerce usually need a business degree which may be either a bachelor's or master's degree with coursework in finance, economics, logistics and math. Many institutions help out students in selection of internship opportunities that give them a chance to apply classroom training in the business workplace. This helps the students to develop work experience, set up business relationships and improve their career prospects. A business school graduate usually finds entry-level work in major commerce areas like accounting and finance, supply chain management or the stock market.

Logistics management, or supply chain management, is mainly concerned with the course of transportation, inventory, warehouse operations, packaging and customer service for a business. A logistics manager is accountable for ensuring the quick, cost-effective delivery of goods to the customer. Accounting is a significant part of any business. Proper record keeping and financial analysis are vital part of commerce as they ascertain that businesses maintain a profit. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, management accountants work as part of an executive team and help the companies take good financial decisions. They may also prepare financial reports and conduct analysis, fiscal planning and budgeting.

A purchasing manager has to take over the responsibility of getting the materials the business requires to produce goods in the marketplace. They are mostly concerned with efficiency and cost, and they study sales records and inventory levels, identify suppliers and choose methods successful acquisition and inventory management. A purchase manager may have to handle work in wholesale or retail, manufacturers, government agencies or private businesses. Career opportunities in this field usually ask for business degree with coursework in economics. Senior-level positions may require an advanced degree.

Financial exchanges in commerce are termed as securities exchanges like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Securities exchanges are usually tackled by an investor, stockbroker or financial service sales agent. One gets a chance to work with individuals conducting transactions of big amount. Responsibilities and requirements of professionals in financial service differ according to their specialty. While dealing with financial service sales, one possess a business degree with a lot of emphasis on finance and accounting, and gets a chance to conduct an internship to gain experience and secure employment after graduation. To progress further in this field, you may consider a master's degree in business administration.

Thus Bachelor of Commerce performs diverse roles in the various segments of business. They serve as backbones of a business administration.

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