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Two major types of baby monitors 1. Audio Type 2. Audio/Video Type However, there are two categories that these baby monitors fall under - analog and digital. No matter what type or category the baby monitors are - all run on a specific radio frequency to transmit sound to the receiver. The prices for audio monitor range from $30-$120 while audio-video monitors could range from $100-$200 and higher. You will find more features on more expensive baby monitors, such as HD color monitors or vibrations allowing you to sense the baby's call. Some example of the features included in expensive baby monitor like Safety 1st True View comes with night vision, wired or battery operated for the camera and monitor. Also, the video switching option to saves power. However, expensive baby monitors doesn't always mean they are higher in quality. Here are some of the factors that could affect its performance. Expensive baby monitors may suffer from interference in audio and video, blurred video reception and defective parts the same way the same as cheaper models. Audio Baby Monitors It might be useful if the brand you choose will have lights in addition to sound. We rated all audio monitors that feature this characteristic. For example, the Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor has a string of LED lights installed on the mother monitor. You can get this model for about $120. More lights switches on whenever there is a louder sound coming from your baby's room. This way, even if the unit was set into silent mode, you will still notice your baby's crying. Generally, audio monitors are more affordable than the audio/video monitors. Digital Monitors Digital monitors mean the transmission signal between monitor and receiver are encoded. As a result, others can not hear the sounds or videos produced. You can rest assure the person with the receiver will be the only person able to view and hear your baby. Video-Audio Monitors This type of monitor has a small camera either tabletop or wall-mounted that sends pictures to a video-enabled monitor. Wireless Network Monitors A good example of wireless network monitor is the Samsung Wireless Video Baby Monitoring, which has digital video camera using the wireless network. This way, the receiver would be either your PC, iPad, Android or iPhone or other devices. The Samsung Wireless Video Baby Monitoring connects to your wireless network with encrypted video and sound. Owners of such unit are able to be view anywhere around the world on their computer via Skype. There are many different types of baby monitoring systems. Find the best baby monitor, visit:

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