Best Golf Balls Buyers Guide

Golf balls, though they may all appear very similar are in fact very different from each other. Golf balls have come a long way from the feather-and-cowhide spheres they once were. Like any piece of sports gear, technology has stepped in to produce finely-tuned equipment that can help take your game from good to great. Golf balls are comprised of layers: a core, a cover and the different layers between them. Some of the aspects you must look at when considering buying new golf balls is the amount of technology involved within the layers of the ball itself. The core is what's inside the ball. It's a major contributor as to how the ball will perform for you. With new materials being tested each year, golf ball manufacturers continue trying to make better balls for each golfer on the course. The ball's compression characteristics will depend on how large or small and how hard or soft the core is. The intermediate layers for many models on the market feature one or more intermediate layers between the core and the cover. These layers or mantles will compress at impact depending on the amount of club-head speed and force at the point of impact. Golf ball manufacturers use these layers to directly change the feel of the golf ball, by modifying the ball's compression characteristics. The cover is the most important factor when it comes to a ball's durability. It also makes a huge difference in the feel of the ball on impact of softer shots like putts and chips. The number of Dimples are somewhere between 300 to 500 and coming in a variety of patterns. The dimples on the ball's cover determine its aerodynamic properties by helping the ball travel farther and higher. They also contribute to the ball's level of spin which in turn determines its flight characteristics. Dimples give the ball lift. Practice hitting a few different kinds of balls to learn what most successfully matches your swing. Remember that as your golf game evolves, your ball selection may change too. Golf ball technology continues to advance, so to stay on top of your game and don't be afraid to try the latest and greatest from each manufacturer each year. Who knows, it may unlock the key to shooting lower scores. Golf balls can also be broken down into distance and control. The golf balls of today are designed to maximize one of the two or find some happy medium between them. There are many different balls out there, but they can be drawn into two major categories, those categories are: distance and accuracy vs. spin and control. Generally if you are looking for more control and spin you are going to want to gravitate toward 3 and 4 layer balls, whereas golfers more interested in distance and accuracy need to look for a 2 layer ball. For more information on the best golf balls, please visit my website:

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