Build Muscle Fast! Muscle Building Secret Exposed! It’s Not What You Think!

Here are a some key points about what carbohydrates have to offer. I want to clear up a few important things about carbohydrates. They get a bad rap. * Carbohydrates are less fattening than fatty foods * You need carbs to fuel your muscles * You burn carbs off during hard exercise * Carbohydrates are a friendly fuel; the enemy is excess calories of fats * When dieting to lose weight, you should energize with fiber-rich cereal, whole-grain breads, potatoes and other carbohydrate dense vegetables but reduce your intake of the butter, margarine, and mayonnaise that accompany them Some ads often state athletes should eat fewer carbs and more fat to burn more body fat and lose weight. This is not true. No research to date shows that burning fat results in losing body fat. The only way to lose body fat is to create a calorie deficit. So should you increase carbohydrate intake for building muscle or protein? Here's the inside scoop: * Eat carbohydrate-rich breakfasts, such as oatmeal rather than eggs * Focus your lunches and dinners on whole-grain breads, potatoes, brown rice, fruits, and veggies. Wholesome carbs should cover 2/3 of your plate * Eat fish, chicken, lean meats, low-fat cheeses, and other proteins as an accompaniment to lunch and dinner, not as the focus. Also, you could eat carbohydrate-rich protein such as beans and rice, lentil soup, chili, hummus, and other veggie choices. Remember, carbs are fundamental for both runners and bodybuilders, because unlike protein or fat, carbs are stored in your muscles for fuel during exercise. Adequate protein is important for muscle building but only 1/3 of your plate should be comprised of protein-rich foods. For more information on how to build muscle fast, please visit my website

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