Disaster Recovery Plan

It is important to manage in the best ways your data protection strategy, because in the short term risk is very easy to see go up in smoke all the efforts. Having an active and reliable backup platform is one of the leading ICT infrastructure. Today in Italy has become the so-called operational Disaster Recovery Plan or continuit? operativa, and on this field workshops INEKO are moving very quickly. They offer an excellent, even now, planning activities so as to make the company prepared for any eventuality, giving the ability to emerge unscathed from any problem. This is especially important when it comes to public authorities who have not only to manage personal data, but those of thousands of citizens, which is an exponential increase in the importance of a backup strategy. Seek a leader in the industry today is therefore essential both for SMEs and also forprivate companies, and INEKO, based in Milan, is a guarantee in this regard. Working toget the most out of your company, project it into the digital future with all the guaranteesfor data protection. This should be a mandatory rule for all future Italian companies, asinfrastructure without proper management of the backup is likely to crumble in no time, noturning back. So why not to develop an apparatus capable of providing all necessary guarantees and to prevent an "unexpected disaster" may be to grind the work of years? Contact today to INEKO means looking to the future of their business, comply with the law and to respect the data you have in hand, true capital of each company. Plan yoursafety with a business continuity plan, as dictated by DigitPA, so as to have a secure future. Ineko is the leader in the disaster continuity plan field, so that we offer the best infrastructure to have a reliable system and backup data plan, to help to manage continuita operativa.

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