Funny conversation I had with a (so-called) Microsoft Certified System Engineer

Yesterday, I was traveling back from Nagpur to Pune in a train. Air-conditioners were set for a very sweaty temperature - so, I decided to get some fresh air outside the compartment. I happened to share the small, congested space with a huge fellow passenger near the door. We exchanged smiles & made space to enjoy the fresh air. Standing there, I was just browsing through my iPhone, checking emails, etc. Then started a memorable conversation which I couldn't wait to post here. It's a MUST-READ and enjoy the words as discussed below. --------> He: Hello sir, how are you? Going to Pune? Me: I'm good, thanks. Yes, - Pune. how about you? He: I am an engineer working in Pune. I have done Engineering, M.S. and then Microsoft Certification. I want to learn more. Me: Where do you work? He: I was working with Nagpur Police's Cyber Crime & now working with Pune Police Cyber Crime dept. I went on a trip for 10 days & I have to join my office on 2nd February. Today is 31 right? Me: Wow, interesting. Where is your office? He: Is this your Apple phone? Me: Yes, iPhone 3GS He: I have iPhone 4S but I don't use it while traveling. I tend to loose my smart phones while in transit. So, I have kept it in my bag. I also lost my bag in Rajdhani Express while coming to Nagpur from Delhi Me: Ohh, okay.! Where is your office? Is it near Camp area? He: No. 'Commissioner Office', it's very close to Pune Station. Me: O oh, I see. (Actually, it's right the both ways) He: We get 55% discount on Microsoft products. I was one of the last certified engineers receiving signed certificate by Bill Gates. He then left Microsoft. Me: um huh. (Yeah, why wouldn't he!) (WTH is 55%! Why not 25? 50? 60? ) He: Microsoft has recently developed a very sleek-looking OS. It will be released in October two-zero-one-two (2012) Me: Is it? Which one? He: The OS is sleek & greatly designed for touch screen iPads Me: Wow. Is it Windows? He: Yes, It's Windows 7 Me: But, Windows 7 is already available. Is it Windows 8? He: No, It's Windows 7 SS4 Me: What is Windows 7 SS4? He: Microsoft's new OS. The OS is sleek & greatly designed for touch screen iPads Me: Okay. I didn't know. what about Windows 8? Will they release it? He: No, not so soon. USA 'peoples' & companies think the world is going to end in 2012 Me: I don't think it will end. What do you think? He: USA companies, including Microsoft think, the world is ending and so, they're not ready to develop new BIGFunny conversation I had with a (so-called) Microsoft Certified System Engineer software until 2012 is over. Me: Then, when can we expect Windows 8? He: It will be coming sometime in two-zero-one-three (2013) Me: 2013! Why so late? He: World ending in 2012 na! That's why they have only developed Windows 7 SS4 Me: hmmmm (lol) He: What do you do sir? You work for which company? Me: I have a small business in Pune. Me (again): So, working with cyber crime team must be challenging & tough, isn't it? He: I just resigned from my company. Me: Why? He: They didn't sanction my 8 day vacation, so I told them - after working so hard without any chhutti, you're still not approving my application! I must QUIT. sorry. So, I resigned from that company Me: Oh, that's sad! He: Yeah, that's why - I will be searching for a new job. Me: Ohh, cool - you should get it easily then, isn't it? He: Do you have a job? Do you know any company? <----- While not been able to resist laughing, I excused and left the conversation. Today, I missed continuing the same discussion. felt like, I really should have controlled my laughter! I don't know, if he was really a Microsoft Certified System Engineer nor if he has done M.S. - But, I like the confidence these guys show while speaking on a topic. My condolences to his family who wasted their efforts and money on a guy like this! Did you ever come across any such funny & geeky incidence? If yes, then do share with us. Discover latest in technology, gadgets and Internet tools by visiting the website:

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