Gift Ideas for Large Corporate Clients

If you have many large corporate clients then you probably go out of your way to provide them with good service. Any valued customers deserve to be treated well, even though you should not differentiate too much between new customers and established customers. Rather, it should be a process of relationship development. This means you need to work on three stages:

  • Establishing a new client relationship
  • Firming up that client relationship
  • Expanding your client relationship

While most of this will be done via your customer service and your amazing products, it can also fall to the little things, like sending flowers to clients or providing special discounts.

Creating a Generous Business Image

If you want to be seen as a generous business then you will need to go out of your way for your customers. If you can do something for ‘free’ without losing money, this is a great place to start as it will lead to increased sales and orders. This will also create a sense of loyalty – even from a new customer.

Giving and Not Bribing

There is a difference between having flowers delivered to a client and giving their staff cash or a cash-equivalent inventive for doing business with you. The main difference is that you are rewarding a business, rather than an individual. You can, of course, offer the best possible deals for products and services to remain competitive, but don’t go too far with gifts.

Luxury vs Usefulness

You will find yourself choosing between corporate and promotional gifts in terms of their usefulness or luxury quality. Giving a business a day-spa treat as a gift is a luxury gift. When choosing to promote your business with luxury-style gifts, you have to be careful how big the gifts are and who you are giving them to. Great gifts that will increase your reputation and also be useful are pens. Investing a little more and purchasing nice pens to give as thank-you gifts means you are sure to be remembered.

Promotion and Product Samples

Another way to find the best gifts for clients is to use the promotional materials and samples that you already have. Gifting products is not uncommon and it is especially useful for clients that may purchase large amounts in the future. You can view the few dollars lost on giving away samples as part of your marketing spend.

If you are going to give gifts to your corporate clients, they should either be related to your business or it should be clear that it is from your business. You should, however, be subtle about this. No-one wants to receive flowers for the office with a giant sign on them with your company logo. When a bouquet arrives, staff and executives are sure to read the card and be eager to see who it is from.

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