Jus World Is not HAVVN Fun

Jus World aka HAVVN, this is your swan song. I am a fan of the network marketing / home business industry and I love to check out different companies so I'll steer folks in good directions. For the purposes of this document, I'm going to use Jus International and HAVVN indistinguishably. I suspect that Jus International created and manufactures the products and HAVVN is the entity that was created to take those products to market and form an income manufacturing opportunity. I suspect it's important that we have a look at what Jus International / HAVVN was in order to see the good points and establish why it failed. I suspect the products are still available for sale because I was just on the site and made an effort to order. The Jus International / HAVVN Product line is Jus Global aka HAVVN Is it HAVVN or Jus Global? The lead product is a health libation named j23 or Js. It contains a proprietary mix of Twenty-three superfoods in which are contained an herb and mushroom blend, a superfruit mix, and a Resveratrol blend. These blends are delivered thru a mixture of highly powered superfruit juices. HAVVN also has a skin therapy line that carries the title : HAVVN Skin protection DNA System. They claim to have ingredients which activate your youth and longevity at the gene level. I am not sure this for sure but I do know there were a decent number of happy customers. Jus World / HAVVN .. Was it Just the Same Ol Same Ol? When an internet marketing business fails ( or any business as a verifiable fact ), there are a few of the general suspects : Either somebody got greedy , didn't understand how to run a business, or there was some hijinks going on ( a sting or some smoke and mirrors ). I'm not saying that any of this happened at Jus global but the following story might have foretold their future. The first man with the plan at HAVVN was Jeffery Boyle. That is until he, his brother Brad, and numerous other members of the Jus International managerial team were ousted in a coup d'etat by a team of stockholders in May of 2009 Till a letter went out on Nov 11, 2011 from Jus International Boss man Richard Durham announcing that Jus International / HAVVN was closing down, someone would have shown up on their website and thought" Man, that could be a forceful galvanizing team of managers they have." The corporate leadership was certainly stacked with highly pedigreed individuals. Competition is tough out there in the home business industry and the wolves definitely concerned to the HAVVN biz. I can see that there are still some hard case Jus International fans out there and my hat is off to them because I imagine folk put their heart and soul into this company. HAVVN What Lessons Can we Take from Their Misfortune? HAVVN Will We Be HAVVN more of Jus Global I believe the leadership at Jus World definitely had their hearts in the right spot. If you look at the HAVVN compensation schedule, you would need to admit that this was pretty good. They assured that 50% of each dollar earned would be paid to those participating in the business. I believe that with the overhead of a powerful company team and a compensatory plan that appeared generous but is hard to figure out, many companies just look like part of the pack. It appears that HAVVN just didn't get the traction in the market to triumph over whatever problems they were experiencing. Whether you are a part of Jus International, HAVVN, or some other networking opportunity, you have got to ask a few questions. 1. Is this company unique and has a singular product that people are going to come after in hordes? Two. Is this company financially responsible and has leadership with a past record of fulfillment in this kind of business? Three. Am I the independent entrepreneur their main concern? HAVVN Chancers .. If you are A Believer in MLM and Are Still Looking for Success, We will help P.S. Jus Global Diehards..If you adore dynamic nourishment, here's the answer Want to Know More About Havvn ? Want to Know More About Havvn ?

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