Medical Justice Helps Doctors Take Control of Social Media with Innovative New Program

Recently, the American Medical Association took aim at physicians who were utilizing social media for personal use. The AMA noted doctors were using it for broad range of purposes, such as inappropriate communication with their own patients, crossing the line between personal and professional boundaries. This has caused a ripple effect with physicians and other health care professionals on what and how they can communicate on the Internet. However when utilized effectively, the role of social media can be advantageous for well-connected physicians, not only in attracting new and retaining existing patients, for but as a powerful online educational tool for patients. Social media can also have a dramatic effect on the online reputation of doctors, which in our age of transparency can play a vital role for medical practices. Recognizing the growing role of the Internet in doctors' practices, Medical Justice launched their eMerit program, an online reputation management service, which can help guide doctors through the tangled web of social media. Medical Justice, doctors and clinics take advantage of social media to attract and retain patients while protecting their online reputation through three important steps: 1. Take control by cementing your online presence of utilizing social media. Medical Justice recommends the "Big Three" in Social Media by creating a Facebook business page, a Twitter business account for the business, and a LinkedIn business Profile. 2. Play an active role in the conversation. Web information about one's practice must be dynamic. Your patients want to hear your opinion on the latest medications and treatments. Sign up for notification services such as Google Alerts to keep abreast of current information relevant to your patients. Seek out local followers for your Twitter account. Comment on popular topics on highly trafficked blogs in your specialty. 3. Utilize the content you are already producing. Recently join a new medical association? Did your clinic win an award for your community? The Internet can be a powerful public relations megaphone for your clinic. Create a blog highlighting your latest announcements. Sadly most doctors do not utilize the full power of the Internet in promoting their practices. With Medical Justice, the eMerit program can help bridge the gap using Social Media to ethically connect doctors and prospective / current patients. For more details, go to To learn about Medical Justice's Reputation Management Program, please go to

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