Paralysis of Analysis

Here's a really great quote by Albert Einstein I found the other day - "Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking." Not one of his better known quotes and I doubt many teachers quote this to their students. Reading is generally a good thing, but if it starts becoming a substitute for thinking on your own and taking action it can hold you back from reaching your potential. This quote touches on procrastination as a key problem that holds many people back from their power to empower themselves and actually accomplish things. It is easy to spend so much time researching that you never actually execute. That doesn't mean you shouldn't read, do research and try to learn the steps to success from others, but at some point you have to decide that you've gathered enough data and the time has come to take action and actually do something. That may be making money by starting your own business, writing a book or even repainting your living room. You have a very finite lifespan. Some people send their life preparing for what they want to do without ever actually doing what they want to do. Sometimes the most helpful situations are the ones that force you to go ahead and do something by removing the option to try to collect more information. Sometimes you just have to get "all in" as we like to say around here. Massive, imperfect action will carry you worlds further than the most perfect or precise inaction. Constantly seeking the Holy Grail of success by trying to understand everything perfectly before acting inevitably leads to paralysis of analysis. No one has ever been perfect the first time they tried to do anything. Tying our shoelaces, riding a bicycle, walking, talking, or even using the bathroom were all acts of genius before we learned them. But we all learned each of these things over time, and now they are second nature to us. The same can be said for understanding the world of Internet Marketing. You will never understand everything perfectly in this world. Technology and the whims of the market change everything in a constant, imprecise way that makes total understanding or comprehension maddening. Fortunately, the bar for making a living that is at the top tier for the world requires only a few basic steps. Research the Net to find a powerful, new trend. Align yourself with the top talent in that trend. Copy everything they do and ride it for all it's worth. Or you can take advantage of someone else who has done all that and is offering it up to you on a silver platter. Like the kind you will find here. It is your choice and the clock is ticking. Everyone wants to be in on something really great at the beginning. This is your opportunity. Will you recognize it and take action? To learn more about how to empower yourself with my steps for success visit my website at:

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