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Do you feel games on your mobile phone are too easy? If you are a video game nerd like me, you will appreciate a good challenge from a mobile game. I remember spending hours, slaving over a game, and getting that feeling of accomplishment when I finally passed a level with the most points possible. Dudes World: Monsters Adventure can provide such a challenge, testing your skills and patience as a gamer. Dudes World starts easily enough with a brief tutorial of your available actions, weapons, and skills required to traverse the elaborately designed levels. The games protagonist is a black haired boy who runs from level to level with his favorite pair of shoes but seems to be lacking clothing. I don't judge but maybe some unlockable outfits could make the character feel more alive and vibrant as you kill varying types of monsters. You begin the game with three available weapons that you can use to kill monsters and destroy objects in your way. The first weapon is a multi-colored orb that you can shoot at your enemies and at objects. The second weapon is a time bomb that blows up after a two second delay. The third weapon is a fire ball used to destroy wooden objects and enemies. Dispatching these monsters and destroying objects earns you points as you try to collect three coins on each level. These coins are the key to progressing on to the next level, but collecting them is easier said than done. Monsters, walls, stone blocks, wooden boxes and other environmental dangers such as spikes, rotating saws, and fire chimneys block your path. Some monsters shoot projectiles at you while others merely block your path. You can take them out from a distance or use the level to help you out. You will have to destroy certain monsters to obtain keys that let you open doors which serve as portals to different parts of a level. You can jump from one location to the other but this takes a little bit of trial and error as you will find yourself dying more often than you would like because of spikes or falling off the level. The controls are all displayed clearly on screen, but sometimes feel unresponsive. Double jumping and shooting weapons feel awkward and stiff sometimes. Level design and animations are unique but require a little more work in order to keep the frustration and anxiety of gamers at a minimum. I found myself many times finishing a level with barely any points because dying causes you to lose all your points but not your level progress. Needless to say, just finishing the levels gave me closure. To know more about Dudes World: Monsters Adventure, please visit our website:

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