SereniGy Ganoderma Coffee Benefits

The benefits of SereniGy gano coffee are at times hard to describe. How can one product do so many different things? The answer lies in the herb we are dealing with in our products, Ganoderma, and the quality we put into each one of our products. Quite simply, we've taken one of the most powerful herbs on the planet in its whole form, and created an extract with extremely high purity, and the rest takes care of itself. Once you realize that ganoderma seeks to balance and normalize all the body's processes, and gives the body the tools to fix itself, it becomes readily apparent how it can facilitate wellness in many different ways. Let's look at some of the common benefits of SereniGy gano coffee. SereniGy Gano Coffee - Helps Reduce or Eliminate Jitters and Caffeine Crash Do you love your coffee, but often it doesn't love you back? One of the nicest, instant benefits of SereniGy gano coffee is that you don't have to deal with this symptom anymore. With the addition of 100% certified organic ganoderma, the caffeine side effects become largely neutralized which in turn negates the jitters and the crash. The even more beautiful part is that the energy you expect is supplied by the ganoderma, and for longer periods of time. This is one of the biggest benefits of SereniGy gano coffee that you can feel right away! SereniGy Gano Coffee - Helps Provide More Energy and Stamina Sure, coffee provides you with an instant spike of energy, but how long does it last? Too often, it only lasts a few hours and the need for another coffee drives you to the coffee shop to pick up another shot so you can stay on the caffeine roller coaster. Thanks to SereniGy gano coffee, you can enjoy more energy and stamina because the very component of coffee that's causing the roller coaster, caffeine, is largely neutralized, and the lasting energy and stamina comes from the ganoderma. Once you are able to consume the product for a short period of time, you will start to notice the benefits of SereniGy gano coffee in improved energy levels that last longer than a few hours. SereniGy Gano Coffee - Helps with Sleep Improvement No one has ever associated coffee consumption with sleep improvement...until now. The reasons for your lack of sleep are wide ranging, but regular coffee consumption kicks your "fight or flight" mechanism into place, which increases your adrenaline levels. This makes it very difficult to sleep, especially if you have a coffee later in the day or night. The benefits of SereniGy gano coffee are that the caffeine is neutralized so it does not create that adrenaline stimulating response. In addition to that, ganoderma is well known to be a balancing and adaptogenic herb, which means that it can calm your body and mind when you need some sleep, and provide energy when it's time to be awake (hello, boring staff meeting!). So SereniGy gano coffee does facilitate a restful sleep, which is something unheard of with regular coffee consumption (if you fall asleep easily after a regular coffee, that's likely a sign you are already in adrenal exhaustion, which is not good). SereniGy Gano Coffee - Helps with Natural Detoxification The health benefits of coffee are conflicting at best, but none have made backed up claims that coffee can detoxify your body. Thanks to the benefits of SereniGy gano coffee, this is now an option. When you add 100% certified organic ganoderma (a very detoxifying herb) to your coffee, you can now enjoy a detoxification process in your body on a daily basis. Detoxification eventually means more sustainable energy, and that's one of the big benefits of coffee with Serenigy that often goes unrecognized. SereniGy Gano Coffee - Supports the Immune System The very system that gets little attention, but means everything for your health, is your immune system. A strong, healthy immune system will give you a much greater defense against invading bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. A strong immune system results in less sickness and disease. The benefits of SereniGy gano coffee is that 100% certified organic ganoderma is in the top end of immunity support, and you can enjoy those benefits by simply drinking your SereniGy gano coffee everyday. SereniGy Gano Coffee - Helps Support Normal Blood Sugar Blood sugar levels are a mess in North America. The consistent intake of simple carbohydrates like bread and pastries, along with soda and other sugar laced products, has caused a blood sugar epidemic. The benefits of SereniGy gano coffee is that our 100% certified organic ganoderma helps support normal blood sugar levels, so that you can enjoy those benefits by drinking your SereniGy coffee on a daily basis. SereniGy Gano Coffee - Supports Healthy Circulation Healthy blood circulation is another health challenge that is common today, which results in a myriad of challenges including ones with the heart and lymphatic system. The benefits of SereniGy gano coffee is that you can consume your favourite habit every day and enjoy the support of healthy circulation thanks to the addition of our 100% certified organic ganoderma in every cup. SereniGy Gano Coffee - Helps Balance the Nervous System The nervous system is another under appreciated system that does so much for the body. Once the governing action of the nervous system is shot, things quickly start to deteriorate. The benefits of SereniGy gano coffee are that it helps support this important system, so your morning cup of coffee doesn't leave you one step closer to a total nervous breakdown. The Benefits of SereniGy Gano Coffee are Comprehensive The benefits of ganoderma don't stop there, but you can appreciate the dynamics of this herb and how its normalizing and adaptogenic (ability to adapt) qualities can leave you in a better place with regards to your health. To learn more about the benefits of SereniGy Gano Coffee, go to

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