SereniGy Ganoderma Coffee – Healthy Addiction Meets Business Opportunity

When evaluating any business opportunity, it's very important to deal with the facts before you make any decisions. In this vein, there is no debate that coffee is the most heavily consumed beverage in North America next to water, and that the health and wellness industry is growing steadily with no end in sight. Combine these two factors, and you have a business with serious potential. Welcome to SereniGy. Coffee - Demand is Documented When discussing coffee, it should be blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention that coffee is one of the most heavily demanded products on earth. In fact, it is the second most traded commodity after oil, which gives you a strong indication of it's popularity. If that's not enough, consider the following stats. 80% of people are drinking 3-5 cups of coffee every single day. That's 250 million people in North America drinking coffee every single day, which translates to approximately a billion cups served daily. The ability to capture a very small portion of the North American market, say 1%, can translate into $1.5 billion dollars in revenue generation. Let's not forget that coffee knows little boundaries and is consumed all around the world. As business owners, it's not our job to tell the people what they want. It's our job to listen to what they want, and they are clearly showing that coffee is something of major importance to them. Ganoderma - Health Benefits Documented Ganoderma Lucidum, or Reishi as it's often called, is a highly revered herb that has over 2000 years of history. It is relatively new to North America as it's roots are in Asia, but this doesn't make it any less valuable as seen through the research, articles, and testimonials of those who consume it. Infusing the documented benefits of ganoderma into coffee creates a health and wellness product that is incredibly easy to integrate into your life, and creates a tremendous bang for your buck with regards to health. No more need to remember your capsules or take your medicine. Simply remember to have a cup of SereniGy gano coffee every day and you have guaranteed yourself a healthy habit. SereniGy - Gano Coffee Opportunity Documented SereniGy has created high quality, simple to use products and has allowed entrepreneurs to participate in the opportunity for a very low capital investment, with all the pieces of the business already in place. One cup of SereniGy gano coffee and one look at the SereniGy business overview and compensation plan will clearly illustrate why SereniGy is a winning proposition for those who choose to take advantage of it. All it takes is some vision, motivation, and marketing skills and the rest is already done for you. These are just some of the reasons SereniGy ranked well in the MLM/Home Based Business Popularity Top Gainers latest sample poll. If you can clearly see the benefits of a home based business, and how coffee is here to stay and health and wellness is on it's way, then you will want to learn more about SereniGy how you can get paid for promoting coffee and health. To learn more about the SereniGy business opportunity, please visit

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