Social Media Metrics – How Monitoring Social Media Can Increase Your Traffic and Sales

Is your blog content being shared and bookmarked on Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and the rest of the big social networks? It is vital to find out the answer if you are not sure. Any successful SEO plan must include social media monitoring. More internet users are using social media platforms as new users continue to increase at an astounding rate for sites like Facebook and Twitter. Today's internet is more like a virtual coffee shop than the library it was in its early years. Essentially, today's web surfer and shopper is looking for engagement and finds it through participating on social sites. This will slowly change the rules of the game of anyone into SEO or internet marketing. It is the norm nowadays to share, like or +1 good content to their friends. These social signals indicate to the search engines that users have found the content useful and relevant. If a content is received well and has high social signals, search engines rank it higher because of its popularity. So in order for your blog posts to rank well in the search engine results, aside from links you need the content to be actively shared on social networks. And the more of a buzz your blog generates, the higher the likely traffic and conversions. It is obvious that keeping track of social media is important. You need to accurately determine such factors as whether your posts are being tweeted and in what volume, how many people are bookmarking you on Stumbleupon, how many mentions do you get in Facebook, and how many visitors are giving your site Google's own +1 vote. In order to have viral posts created, information like the ones just mentioned cannot be neglected. Your campaigns will not reach its full potential if you don't have sort form of social media analytics. The question is, how would you go about obtaining this vital data easily? You could spend the whole morning going around the social sites and taking note of how many mentions you get. And then spend the afternoon trying to make sense of it. That is not managing your time well and playing to your strengths. It is not a simple task to manually collate and track social media metrics in a quick way that is easily useable. It is a good thing that there are tools out there that actually do this for you. You will then be able to factor in social media into your marketing campaign easily when you have the use of one of these tools. In this post Panda world, a handful of backlinks doesn't go very far. Monitoring social media is the first important step to leveraging its potential. Many online marketers are starting to give more focus to social media as part of their overall campaign strategy. Isn't it time for you to do the same? If you are ready, then go to my Social Metrics Pro website and check out my review here - where you will find out how to up your SEO game.

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