Some of the More Popular Penny Auction Sites

Penny Auction sites are growing in popularity these days. Where sites such as eBay carry the traditional auction style which consists of beginning with a starting bid and waiting until the highest bidder is found, penny auctions and Dutch Auction sites work a bit differently. We will take a look at these auction styles and to point out a few websites in which these styles of auction are used. First of all the Penny Auction style consists of an auction that goes up by merely pennies at a time. With a traditional auction style the price can be raised by just about any dollar amount, meaning the final price of the item can be quite high, sometimes even more than retail. Penny Auction sites charge customers per penny bid and then for the final cost of the item, if a customer doesn't have to put a ton of bids in on an item, they can get it for drastically reduced prices. A Dutch Auction website works sort of like a reverse auction, whereby the user that bids on doing work or purchasing something for the lowest price is the winner. This is normally seen when people are offering freelance work as the person who is able to complete the service for the lowest cost will win out. A Dutch Auction will have people competing for who can offer the service at the most reasonable price. is one of the most popular Penny Auction websites. The way that QuiBids works is by letting people bid only in small increments. Each bid costs $.60 and the counter on each item only raises up by pennies at a time. By being a valued and trusted member on QuiBids people are able to achieve free bids for items as well. Typically what this Penny Auction style means is that people are able to get big ticket items that would normally be found on eBay, but for a fraction of the cost. has a similar auction style to QuiBids. The price costs roughly the same price as QuiBids for a bid but ZiBiddy has the option of package pricing so users can buy bids in bulk. ZBbiddy also displays the retail price of an item so that users can tell if they are truly getting a deal and coming in under the retail price on their bids. DealDash claims to be the oldest penny auction site on the web. They allow users to even bid on more bids, which can mean that bid packages are sold for drastically reduced prices. Allowing users to bid on more bids could mean that they can potentially make even cheaper bids, and save even more money, if they are able to get bids for even half what it would cost on another website. DealDash claims to be the original Penny Auction site and looks to be one of the best options available in terms of snagging a deal. With so many other Penny Auction websites available it is very hard to choose. The key is to really search out the deals on each website. There is always an opportunity to snag a good deal on any Penny Auction site. Find out more about Penny Auction Sites by visitng the website:

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