The New Way of Faxing: Using Your iPhone

Mobility plays an important part in today's world. The necessity of taking care of business on the go has increased as we have less and less time in our lives. Mobility has permeated different aspects of our communications and with the introduction of smartphone technology, mobility is easier to acquire than ever. A perfect example of this is faxing; now we can use the power of the Internet to fax anywhere using an iPhone! Iphone faxing is possible thanks to the help of email fax companies. These companies offer services which let you basically send and receive faxes digitally using nothing but your email address. The popularity of these services has increased so much that we can enjoy different email fax offers, but unfortunately only just a few of these companies have developed special apps to be downloaded on your iPhone. Among the top companies with iPhone fax apps we have eFax, RingCentral and MyFax, although I'm pretty sure that many more will follow them in the upcoming months. With an app to fax, you can sync your email fax account with your iPhone. This means that you will be notified of all incoming faxes on the go, and from there you will be able to review them, save them and even forward them in some cases. If the app also allows you to send fax using your iPhone, you will have two options to do so: the first involves typing up the message directly using your virtual keyboard, and the other option is using the iPhone's camera to take a picture of a physical document. Both ways to fax are really useful when you don't have a fax machine at hand! If you have an iPhone, you must try one of these apps and see how they work. Just keep in mind that to use them, you need to have an active account with a corresponding fax service. Getting started with iPhone faxing is really easy, and the best of all is that you can do it for free thanks to the help of fax from iPhone applications. Learn more at

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